Thursday, November 5, 2009

Jingle Bell Run/Walk for Arthritis

Ok guys. I know I don't run anymore but I'm going to try to get back into running again.
On December 12th, 2009 I'm going to do the one mile walk for the Jingle Bell Run/Walk.

The Jingle Bell Run/Walk raises awareness of the nation's
most common cause of disability, while raising desperately
needed funds to help find a cure for arthritis!
All proceeds benefit the Arthritis Foundation.
Raise $100 and receive a Jingle Bell Running hat or a Jingle Bell Run Commemorative tree ornament.

I'm going to try to raise as much money as I can so if you all would like to donate please let me know.
If you would like to write a check make it payable to The Arthritis Foundation.

I hope you can come out and either cheer us all on or come out and walk/run also. It's for a great cause and even though it's going to be cold it will be great.

Hope to see you there!

Here is the flyer for it.

Please pass on the word, anything helps.

200 Things I Like & That I Am Thankful For

  1. good music
  2. my big cozy chair at home
  3. a cool fall breeze
  4. cold water out of a clean glass
  5. the sound of rain and thunder
  6. listening to Stratton laugh
  7. reading a good book
  8. a warm hoodie or sweat shirt
  9. my wonderful husband
  10. my nice warm bed
  11. my loving family
  12. a nice long car ride
  13. Air conditioning and heaters
  14. Andy's Ice cream
  15. walks at the park
  16. my phone
  17. comfortable blue jeans
  18. even more comfortable sweat pants
  19. my sister
  20. butterflies
  21. butterfly kisses
  22. being outside
  23. Stratton playing with Derek
  24. Christmas morning
  25. clothes that make my butt look good
  26. comfortable shoes (no shoes)
  27. compliments on my work
  28. computers that work
  29. smiling babies
  30. spaghetti
  31. chocolate
  32. dishwashers
  33. not having to wash the dishes by hand
  34. dried mango slices
  35. playing nice
  36. crackling fire in a fireplace
  37. flowers
  38. God
  39. freedom of speech
  40. fresh ideas
  41. good dogs
  42. good conversation
  43. good eyesight
  44. good friends
  45. good health
  46. good movies
  47. good teachers
  48. good family
  49. Grandparents
  50. a great childhood
  51. camping
  52. the drive in theater
  53. hair spray
  54. high-speed Internet access
  55. holding hands
  56. homemade ice cream on the 4th of July
  57. honest people
  58. warm hugs
  59. ice cubes
  60. indoor plumbing
  61. nice people
  62. kittens (but not cats)
  63. laughter
  64. live Christmas trees
  65. morning coffee with French Vanilla creamer
  66. parking spaces near the front (even though Derek gets mad when I do) :)
  67. peanut butter, banana, and honey sandwiches
  68. closet full of clothes
  69. cabinet full of food
  70. fridge full of food
  71. porch swings
  72. pregnant women
  73. puppies
  74. quiet mornings
  75. rainbows
  76. remote controls
  77. boiled peanuts
  78. the smell at the barn
  79. pajamas
  80. Stratton and Derek
  81. smiles
  82. snow covered anything
  83. snowflakes
  84. soft toilet paper
  85. sunrises
  86. sunsets
  87. Thanksgiving dinner
  88. that I wasn't in the obituaries today
  89. the color of autumn leaves
  90. the sound of the ocean
  91. the smell of a new born puppy's breath
  92. the smell of homemade bread
  93. the words "I love you"
  94. tire swings
  95. true friends
  96. uninterrupted dinners
  97. warm kisses
  98. long warm showers
  99. whipped cream (not the low fat kind)
  100. white puffy clouds
  101. wrinkle-free clothes
  102. zoo's
  103. my artwork 
  104. my job
  105. my house
  106. my pictures in my office
  107. God
  108. lip glass
  109. chap stick
  110. makeup
  111. my car
  112. my humor
  113. my mom and dad 
  114. live concerts
  115. DVR
  116. days off from work
  117. riding a bike
  118. riding a horse
  119. riding a train 
  120. that I don't have to dress up for work 
  121. my iPod
  122. everyday I have the opportunity to learn something new
  123. google (because I would be lost without it)
  124. the bible ( because I would REALLY be lost without it)
  125. when I don't forget something
  126. the gummie bear song
  127. the farting dinosaur video
  128. grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup
  129. my dads spaghetti
  130. my dads potato soup
  131. my dads fishing stories
  132. my dads sense of humor
  133. my moms laugh
  134. my moms energy
  135. my moms smile
  136. my moms huge heart
  137. my moms hard work
  138. my sisters love
  139. my sisters OCD
  140. my sisters kindness
  141. my sisters attitude
  142. my husbands hugs
  143. my husbands personality
  144. my husbands love
  145. my husbands compliments
  146. my husbands ability to always make me smile
  147. my family's love
  148. my family's kindness
  149. my family's support
  150. Steph's pregnant belly (Guss)
  151. Steph's personality
  152. Steph's  humor
  153. Steph's blondness (even though she's a red head)
  154. Steph's red hair
  155. my crazy ass friends
  156. my sketches 
  157. my college classes
  158. my college friends
  159. funny movies
  160. hulu and watching free videos
  161. my personal heater at work
  162. 44oz blue poweraid
  163. cameras
  164. long distance phone calls for FREE
  165. a good pen
  166. a good grade on a test 
  167. a good grade in a class
  168. good artwork
  169. apple computers
  170. hot corners (on my computer)
  171. hot guys  :D
  172. warm blankets
  173. finger nail clippers
  174. pedicures
  175. massages
  176. pain-free mornings
  177. long naps
  178. hammocks
  179. sleeping in hammocks
  180. sleeping during a thunder storm
  181. sleeping in
  182. sleeping with the one you love
  183. snuggling on the couch
  184. snuggling on the couch with Stratton
  185. new born babies
  186. body lotion
  187. perfume
  188. bean bag chairs
  189. feather beds
  190. feather comforters
  191. the smell of laundry detergent
  192. the smell of dove deodorant
  193. big dogs
  194. high lighters
  195. lunch breaks
  196. smoke free smoke breaks
  197. finding things I've lost
  198. funny websites
  199. getting my picture taken 
  200. the cat vs screaming frog video