Thursday, July 22, 2010

Camping at Bass River Resort

The first weekend in April was the 2nd time Stratton and I took a camping trip with my mom and dad and sister. This time we thought was going to be better since he was a little older and (hopefully) he wouldn't fall out of the camper again. Well, the poor little guy was not feeling well so he wound up sleeping in the camper ALL DAY. He was not in the mood to do anything. He slept then would wake up and cry then fall asleep again keep doing the same thing all over again. We wound up heading out at 8pm that night and drove the two hours back home so he could sleep in his own bed. Poor little guy.

This is the only picture  I got from that weekend.

Stratton's First First Friday

My friend Nate had an art show back in May and I got some really great pictures of Stratton with the artwork that was on display.
This project was made by Rob Friedrich my high school art teacher.
This was the piece my friend Nate Pierce made.

Stratton's First Hair Cut

Back in March on the 27th Stratton got his FIRST haircut. It was kind of a big deal because he has been so bald since he was born. He finally got enough hair to cut so I was excited when Derek's "aunt" Shana came into town so she could cut Stratton's hair. She did such a good job even with Stratton crying and screaming and not wanting to get his hair cut. He did well until she got the electric trimmer out. He didn't want any part of it.

Wood Ducks

My mom found some baby wood ducks down by the river on the rail road tracks a few months ago. The mommy had gotten hit by a train and the babies were too small to jump over the train tracks. So my mom took them home and we got a few pictures with them. The next day she took them to the animal hospital where they were taken care of.
They were SO cute and fuzzy!

Hill Billy Water Park

I took these a few weeks back of Stratton in the backyard. I'm in love with these pictures so I'm putting them all up. If you would like me to print any out for you let me know! I'd be more than happy to get you some prints of them!