Thursday, July 22, 2010

Stratton and Friends

These pictures are from about two months ago. We had our friends Alex and Lauren Skelton over for dinner. Stratton loves playing out in our back yard. 
Stratton loves picking flowers in the back yard.
He likes to smell them too.
He looks so cute when he smells them. I wish I had a video of it.
Then once he's done with it he throws it on the ground.
It's so nice being able to go outside in the nice weather!
Stand back ladies he's married! :D
He's always very careful about taking his bowl into the living room. Heaven forbid he spills any food.
He loves driving his car around the foot rest.
I think Alex has baby fever. He loves playing with Stratton.
This is Lauren's beautiful wedding rings.
Stratton was laughing so hard when Alex would kick the ball up in the air.
He kicked it a little too hard this time.
Time to cool off!
He loves playing in the water but He would rather stand back from it and catch water than play in it thou
This is what he really likes doing in the water. He loves to fill up his bowls with the garden hose.
Alex got sprayed by Stratton while they were playing.
Cheese! That's what he says now when you take his picture.
He likes to water the stump and the weeds around it.
I think the stump is a lost cause though.

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