Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Artwork from Last Semester

Last semester was the first semester I was able to take art classes on campus since I had gotten pregnant with Stratton. I was really worried when I started because I wasn't sure how much of my creativity I would still have since it had been TWO YEARS since I had taken an art class. Much to my surprise I did a lot better than I thought that I would and actually had a great time with my friends from a few semesters back.

This is the third project I made last semester and by far the best piece I think I have EVER made. I used a mixed wood for the background and molding for the frame. I used an orange stain for the back and a dark brown/purpleish color for the sides and frame. The tree is made from a 12ga steel sheet that I plasma cut and welded bolts to the back of. Here is the finished product.

These three pieces were my second project that I made. These pictures aren't that great but you can get the jest of it. The top is a silhouette of Derek, the second me, and the third is Stratton. The wood I painted with brown watered down acrylic paint. The faces are 12ga steel that I plasma cut after I traced out silhouettes on them.

This is the first project that I made last semester. I wasn't really that happy with this but I don't think it turned out as bad as I thought it would. The base of it is concrete and the spine of it that holds it up is a steel post. The ribcage is made out of aluminum foil with plaster covering it. It is colored with textured spray paint and acrylic paint. The cloth over it is burlap that is sewn together with hemp string. 
Overall, I'm happy with how the semester came out. I'm glad that I took the class even though it was hard to balance class, work, being a good wife, and a good mom. It was rough but I did it and I know I can keep up the good work and keep getting closer and closer to graduating. I can't wait for next semester when I can get that much closer to graduating. Wish me luck!

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