Thursday, July 22, 2010

Easter..better late than never...

These are from Easter which make me realize how long it's been since I've been able to update my blog. I really need to start getting better at this.

Anyway, these are from Easter. This was a really fun year for us because he could actually find the eggs by himself which was really cool. He loved finding them but even more he loved eating the candy out of them!

We started off at our house where the "Easter Bunny" hid all of Stratton's eggs in the back yard.
I really need to get a camera with a timer on it so we can start taking group family photos. :)
 The Easter Bunny left him eggs with jelly belly jelly beans in them. YUMM!
The first of many Easter Egg Stratton ever found by himself.
I was SO proud!

 He kept getting distracted from finding eggs when he found the candy in each one of them. 
He found these ALL by himself!
Mommy and Daddy got Stratton cars for Easter.
They are his favorite!
Love love loves his jelly beans thanks to Grandma Kathie!
I just love this little outfit on him. He looks so grown up.
Our peeps eye was a little crooked and droopy. Poor thing. Don't worry I took it out of its misery.
This is what happens when you leave your chocolate bunny in the sun for too long. :(

This was the first nap that Stratton got that day and it was on the way to the country club for about 5 min. Poor little guy was exhausted. 
This was after the country club and after a 30 min nap. He DID NOT want to get out of bed. 
This was the car ride over to Great Grandma and Johns house. He loves his new skull and crossbones hat. 
Yay Easter!
 I love this picture of my grandma's. They are both so special to me.
 I got to hold the basket for him while he found his eggs.
More jelly beans!
He thought the bird feeders were basket ball goals so he kept trying to throw the ball at them.

Easter was so great and I loved being able to spend it with the entire family. Can't wait for next Easter!

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