Tuesday, July 15, 2008

First Comes Love Then Comes...

Derek and I met through one of my friends. My friend was dating his friend and she set us up. We have been best friends since the day we met. We had out fights just like every couple but we managed to work through everything.

We had been talking for some time about getting engaged at the end of 2008 and getting married after I graduated college.
God decided differently. We found out on a very cold icy day (Feb 1st) that we were going to start our life together a lot sooner than what we planned.

The Thursday before we found out, there was a BIG SNOW. That Friday night I had to baby sit for one of my professors and I had the strange feeling that I was pregnant. Possibly. So after I got done baby sitting at 12:30 at night I swung by our local Wal-Mart and picked up one of those nice little pee sticks. I did what you're supposed to do and was unclear about the result. I had one very distinct pink line and a not-so-there second pink line. I figured that I wasn't pregnant. If I was pregnant it would be TWO PINK LINES.

I sent a text to my friend Jake and asked what his wife Erica's pee stick looked like when they found out they were pregnant. I told him what mine said and he replied back that that was the same thing that Erica got. Unconvinced I woke up the next morning at 6:30 a.m. and took the 2nd test that was in the box. Still no TWO PINK LINES like I wanted. (I was a little in denial)

So I made Derek go to the store and pick up not one but two boxes of pee sticks. One that was either a plus sign or a negative sign and the other a digital read that either said "pregnant" or "not pregnant." Still unsure about the first two tests I took a look at the box more and found a 1-800 number for the tests. I went through the prompts and got the answer that I was searching for even before Derek had come back with the other boxes of tests. I was, sure enough, pregnant.

Just to be on the safe side (because if could be a false positive) I took the two boxes of tests out of Derek's hands as soon as he got in the door and went straight to the bathroom. I took out one of the digital read out sticks and did my business. 3 minuets later. I got the most distinct sign that I had ever seen in my life. It took forever for that little blinking hour glass to turn into that one little word that changed the rest of my life. I of course cried and Derek tried to hide how happy he was so I wouldn't feel bad.

I got dressed in my barn clothes (still crying) and made Derek come out to the barn to keep me company while I cleaned stalls out at Linda Murphy's barn. This was the longest day EVER! After I got done at the barn I went back to the apartment to get cleaned up and Derek went to his dad's to tell them the news.

Derek went in and said to his dad, "Emily's pregnant." His dad just replied "Ok." Lisa (Derek's step mom) came in and just out of no where goes "What's goin on? Is Emily pregnant or something?" Mothers intuition I SWEAR!

I had told my sisters boyfriend Marcus the news and a few of my close friends. But that evening I had to go to my now step-sister-in-law Maddie's bacheloret party. I tried to tell my other step-sister-in-law Ashley that I was pregnant but never got the chance to get her alone to tell her. Finally I asked her if she had anything for a head ache. She said "I got some ibuprofen" and I replied " I don't know if I can take that." She unknowingly said back "Why? Are you pregnant" My jaw hit the floor. I just replied "Well, actually yes."

Last on our list to tell was my parents and Derek's mom. (Breath In... Breath Out...) We told his mom first, over the phone, since she lives in Chicago. Derek called and asked if she could talk. She was at dinner but could tell something was wrong. Derek said "can you talk?" she said "well I'm at dinner" so he said "i'll just call you back later." At this point she knew something was up and made Derek tell her what was up. He just said " Emily's pregnant." The phone stayed silent for a few moments then finally she said. "Ok, well i'll call you back when i get done." She was upset up like every mother, told us that she loved us.

Then it came my turn. I had to face my mom and dad and tell them what was going on.

I walked in the door and greeted my dad and sister and Marcus in the living room then walked back to my moms room where she was sleeping. I shook her a little and told her I needed to talk to her. She rolled over and asked what was wrong. I just sat on the edge of her bed and took a deep breath in and said "well, I'm pregnant." My mom just kind of sat there for a minuet trying to process what I had just told her then finally sat up and said "what?"

I told her when we found out and showed her the little positive test. She put her pillow over her head and took a second to regroup. Just as I though things were going well, my dad decided to come down the hall. My mom of course bolted for the bathroom and said she had to pee. I was bawling my eyes at this point so my dad knew something was up. I wasn't ready to tell him what was going on yet but he persisted and got me to tell him. I wasn't ready to not be my daddy's little girl anymore. I wanted to bad to hold onto that moment before I told him. But I had to tell him and he was not happy.

He then left the room and went to the living room to tell my sister. Poor Marcus had to hide the fact that he already knew as he sat next to my screaming dad rant and rave about how I was pregnant to my sister. My mom came back into the room where I was sitting and so did my sister. We talked for God knows how long and my dad finally came back into the room.

Weeks before, my sister, mom, and I went and saw the movie Juno. (For those who haven't seen the movie, it's about a young girl that gets pregnant) There is a part where Juno has to tell her parents that she is pregnant and the father says "well at least she's not on hard drugs." My sister, God love her, says to my mom and dad "well at least she's not on hard drugs." The only bad part was that my dad hadn't seen the movie and didn't think it was funny.

Everyone settled down a few hours later and I laid in my still sobbing unable to sleep. I got up at around 2 or 3 and drove to Derek's apartment where I finally got a few hours of sleep with my other half.

I had done it though. I told my parents and Derek had told his parents. That was off of our plate. Next was the grandparents.

My grandmother on my moms side had gone through 2 daughters that got pregnant before marriage so I knew she was going to be a breeze to tell. My mom and I called her and met her at her house to tell her the news. She cried of course. But she was happy.

Derek's dad's parents were pretty laid back and easy going so we weren't worried about them either.

The two we were worried about were the two that were the most hard headed and one track minded. Grandma B (my dad's mom) and Grandma Marks (Derek's moms mom). We called Grandma B and set up a Sunday Date with her to tell her. Well, dumb me put that I was pregnant on my myspace page and forgot that my aunt has myspace. So my Aunt LaVonna accidently told grandma b before I got the chance to. Which was ok. Derek and I saw with our pagoda garden take out buffet box and out of no where grandma goes "so when are you gettin married?" We both kind of just looked at each other and were in awe that she knew. She told us that Aunt LaVonna told her so I asked what she thought, and her reply was simply "well, now I have something to live for."

Grandma Marks was pretty much the same and wasn't upset at all like we thought that both of them were going to be.

So the whole family knew now. What's next? Plan a wedding. So we did.

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