Tuesday, July 15, 2008

3 Week Wedding Planning 101

So, I'm pregnant, it's February, and now we have to plan a wedding.

I didn't want to wait till after the baby was here to get married. It's a pride thing. I wanted to have my HUSBANDS baby. Not my boyfriends.

So I sat down with my mom and Derek and we went over all the possible dates we could have the wedding before I started to look like the Goodyear Blimp. Turns out the only date we could get in the next 5 months (from February to June) was February 23rd. Exactly 3 weeks after we found out we were pregnant.

So, my mom being the workaholic that she is set in and started making plans and getting things together. We got very fortunate with everything.

My cousin Beth owns her own business and she makes invitations and stuff like that for a living. She very kindly made our wedding invitations in no time flat. ( thank you so much Beth! ) They were so beautiful.

Next came the table decorations. My Auntie Pam is quite the seamstress and made out table runners with one of her friends and had them sent to us from Lexington, KY where she lives in less than a week. ( thank you so much Auntie Pam! )

Then came the flowers. My mom set in quick and got all my flowers (red roses and red carnations) for whole sale! They were so beautiful! ( thank you mom! )

Next was my dress. It was so beautiful. My mom, step mom-in-law, sister-in-law, and best friend Sarah went to Davids bridal and picked out the perfect one. It fit perfect and the only thing that had to be altered was the length.

The food was bought by Derek's dad and step mom and the some of the deserts were bought by Derek's mom and step dad.

Our wedding cakes were made by the sweetest old lady that a relative of Derek's. She made three white icing cakes 2 vanilla and a chocolate and she did it all for free. (thank you Edith!)

My dad's best friend is a Baptist preacher from Advance, Mo and I always thought that he would be perfect for the job. So I called him up and asked if he would be our preacher for the wedding. He agreed and had a sit down with me and Derek and two weeks later married us.

The church we got married in is called Church on Abbie Road. It's the same church that I grew up in and also the same one my mom and dad got married in as well as my grandma and step-grandpa.

My hair was short but lucky for me Derek's cousin Whitney Williams and Derek's step-aunt are both hair dressers. With the help of lots of hair spray and some bobbie pins they made my hair look so great. ( thank you Whitney and Shana!)

But who was going to take our pictures on such short notice? Derek's other cousin Ashley took our pictures. She has her own business that she just started up (ablackbirdphotography.com). My Aunt LaVonna also took pictures. Both for no cost. (thank you Aunt LaVonna and Ashley!)

Derek and I have such a great family. We couldn't have done this by ourselves. Thank you to all who helped on our big day!

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