Friday, December 16, 2011

Product Review of the Day

I would like to start out by saying that I have not been this happy about it being Friday in months!
Finals are over and I couldn't be more excited to see this weekend. No more teachers no more books! I'm even more excited because not only did Derek and I get our Christmas bonuses at work, but I actually got to get out and do a little shopping with my two favorite men and have supper going at home while we shopped. Score! P.S. I need to give a little shout out to my girl Leslie for the awesome Chili Recipe! If you don't know it already, she's also having an awesome giveaway for the 12 days of Christmas. Check it out!

You all are so lucky today. You're getting THREE posts!
Product Review

Fist up is a new mascara that I'm trying out. I got it at Sephora last night on my Christmas Bonus shopping spree. The name of the product is by the company Beyond Mascara and the type is called They're Real!
The second product that I got last night was an eyelash curler. It's not your momma's curler though. It's heated! Yep you read right. Heated!
 I took pictures from no having makeup at all to all decked out in eye coverage. Here's how it the process looked. I started out with just using my face primer all over my face and eyelids and then did my Bare Minerals matte foundation.
Next I put on my eyeshadow.
Here's what eyeshadows I used to get this look.
A. Sugar Skull by Kat Von D. It's a translucent green color. It's perfect for high lights.
B. Pussy Cat by Bare Minerals. It's a goldish brown color. I love it for the smokey daytime look.
C.  Oasis by Bare Minerals. This was another splurge that I bought myself yesterday. It's a really pretty gold/green color. It's bold but not too dramatic.
D. True Gold by Bare Minerals. This is a beautiful gold color. I usually use this as the middle color for a more brown/gold eye but I thought it would look pretty as a little darker highlight on the inside of my eye.

Once I had my eye shadow on and blended neatly I moved on to my mascara. Now, normally I wouldn't move right on to mascara. I take this time to put on my eyeliner. I think it's easier to put on eyeliner when you don't have to fight with your eyelashes. But for the sake of showing off more of the mascara and not my eye lining skills, I skimped out on the eyeliner today.
There's a pretty big difference between not having any mascara on at all and using this new mascara. It was really easy to put on and the picture above is only after one coat! I like to put at least two on just to make sure I get the dramatic look I like to go for but the second coat wasn't needed in this instance.

Last was the new heated curler! I'm not gonna lie. I hate curling my eyelashes. HATE IT! I always wound up smashing them and they look like a mess. Either that or I would wind up pinching the inside of my eye because of the crimper thing. So, when I saw this heated eyelash curler it kind of made me a little bit giddy to try it out since it's a wand instead of a torture device.
All you do is put in the AAA battery (which is included) and flip on the switch. There's a little orange indicator light that shows that it's on. Next, you wait 15-30 seconds for it to warm up (I waited a whole minuet just to be on the safe side). Then you brush it over your mascara. This produce was designed specifically to be used over mascara because it gently warms the waxes in the mascara. This apparently causes your mascara to be stronger and longer lasting! Check and check!
Here is the after result for the Heated Eyelash Curler.
I was a pretty impressed by it's curling abilities. I liked it MUCH better than the crimper version too.
Here's the beginning to end process so you can see it a little better. The only down side I saw was that even thought it curled them I had to apply a little bit more mascara after it was curled because it did take off a little bit of it. But overall I like it!
Hope this helps you all out at least a little bit, especially those you like me that hate to curl your lashes.

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