Friday, January 20, 2012

Kat Von D Clothing Line

Most of you know that I love Kat Von D, not in a stalker kind of way but just that I really look up to her as a person. I know she has a bad reputation because of the whole dating Jessie James thing but seriously, I love that she stays true to herself and loves whole heatedly. She is passionate and romantic and I just love that. Her personality is truly reflected through her clothing and I would love to own just one piece.

Check it out! Here are a few from the Kat Von D Los Angeles White Line

Beethoven Jacket $359

Napoleon Coat $442
Parlour Jacket $265

Quill Sweater $338
Peacock Sweater $145

Slash Sweater $114

Here are a few from the KvD Red Line
Cross Dress $60
Anna Top $65
Faye Top $60

These shoes aren't by Kat Von D but she sells them in her Wonderland Gallery. I think they are just the cutest things out there that you can put on your feet.
Red Rhinestone Ribbon Tie Platform Shoe $180 (that's a  5 3/4" heel on that puppy)

She also carries this beautiful Reliquary Skull & Heart Love Poem Locket for $57
I might ask for this for my anniversary.

What are some of your favorite designers? Do you secretly save up to get something you know is ridiculously expensive?  Another designer I love is Alexander McQueen (God rest his soul). His clothing was so beautiful. He was another passionate romantic. One of my favorite dresses that he made was actually worn by my friend Ali Turner. She is so lucky.

I am hoping to finally put some Christmas pictures up next week. Only a month late. Haha.

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