Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Confessions

I confess I sing myself to sleep on nights when Derek isn't home. It keeps my mind off of the "scary's" that make me lose sleep.

I confess although I don't like that Stratton sleeps in our bed, it's kind of nice having him in there with me when Derek isn't home.

I confess I usually get really stressed out about starting a new semester but this semester I wasn't even the slightest bit nervous.

I confess I actually surprised myself when I stepped on the scale last night. I don't own a scale because I don't think it's healthy to obsess about you weight. But, I actually weighed less that I thought I did. I have been trying to eat better and eat more tiny meals throughout the day. Looks like my dedication is paying off. :)*

I confess I bought pleather pants and I love them!
I confess that I treated myself to getting my nails shellacked after class today. What's another hour of personal time used at work when you have the satisfaction of knowing your nails look AWESOME!

I confess that I bought a new wedding band for myself a few weeks ago. I love my original wedding band and engagement ring but going to class and working with my hands so much around the house makes me worry that I'm going to mess it up. I got this one so I can go to class, clean my house, and play in the dirt and not worry.

I confess I have never been as excited about a silk scarf as I was when Kat Von D showed her new scarf that she is including in her upcoming clothing line. YES!
Seriously, who wouldn't want to have that tied around their neck? I know I do!

I confess I have been saving up money so I can actually get something off of Kat Von D's clothing line. It's so expensive but it is so romantic and classy looking. I'll post all about that soon!

I confess I bought a 32oz sweet tea yesterday and only drank about 2 ounces of it. :(

I confess I am so excited for the weekend so I can clean my house! Hahaha.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! If any of you would like to go get a coffee or something with me let me know. I have Stratton all to myself this weekend so getting him out of the house is a good thing...not only for the sake of keeping my house clean but also for the sake of using up some of that 3 year old energy. Haha.

*Note: I know I am by no means fat but I used to not eat healthy and not care about what I ingested. This is about merely getting healthier not skinnier. 

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