Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I'm BAAAAaaaaack!

Ok, I'm done with this stupid pity party hiatus that I've taken for the last few weeks. I moped, I cried, I felt sorry for myself, I even had some crazy moments but I'm over it! The exciting news that I was waiting so impatiently for was a flop! I applied for another job and as much as I told myself I wasn't going to get my hopes up for it...I did. I thought about all the possibilities I would have with this new job and how much this would help Derek and I financially and I just didn't get the job. The worst part was that I went in for one job and didn't get that one, so she said she would consider me for another job and I didn't get that one either. Damn.

But, I'm a big girl. I've been thrown off the horse before, I've learned how to dust my big girl britches off and get back on the horse and kick its ass because it pissed me off. I just have to work hard and get what I want by doing my work and doing it the best I can. God has big plans for me and getting a new job just isn't one of them right now. As for change, there's not going to be a whole lot of change in my life, but as far as my blog, I want to make some big changes. There's going to be more new posts about fun new things. I'm going to be doing more girly posts about how to do your makeup and how to paint your nails and maybe even a few hair tutorials. I'm also going to be doing recipes that I am actually going to TRY to cook at home. Hopefully Derek will appreciate my trying new food instead of making spaghetti every night. I'm also going to be doing a few Does It Work Wednesday posts. I love trying random products like you see on TV just to see if they really do work. I'm going to be doing some posts about local businesses around Cape and Jackson that seem to be forgotten. Last but not least I'm going to try this whole Vlog thing (Video Blog?). I'll try to make some tutorials that are videos instead of just pictures. I hope you all can bear with me with all these new changes and I hope you all will enjoy every post!

Hope everyone had a great Holiday season. I know I did. I'll post a picture dump VERY soon. I promise. I just have a boatload of pictures to go through and edit.    


Les said...

Love and hugs! Can't wait for what 2012 brings "Glitter and Ink!"

Emily Hornburg said...

I'm excited too! And I'm sorry we didn't hang out last week (or was it the week before? Sigh. I can't remember.) But I'm sorry for dropping the ball. We WILL have a girls night one of these days. I think we all need it.

Karen said...

For "Does it work Wednesday" will you test out that "Wrecking Ball" tattoo fading cream I see in Cosmo? I always wonder if that works. lol. just kidding. :D But the website does make it look freakin' awesome.