Wednesday, January 11, 2012

First Ever Does it Work Wednesday!

Hey everyone! Now that I have all of that out of my system I want to show you what I did over the weekend. I whitened my teeth!

I used 1 Hour White by Luster. It retails for about $40 but I got it on sale at Walmart for $34.
On one of the review websites I found for this product they said 
"Luster One Hour white is a new over-the-counter whitening product from Dentovations. Unlike other take home products that rely on trays or strips, the Luster light system uses a paint-on gel and activating light. The product is advertised often in New Beauty Magazine and can be purchased at most drug stores

The makers of this product claim Luster 1 hour white can whiten up to 6 shades in 1 hour without causing tooth sensitivity. They also claim the technology is similar to that of dentist light treatments." 

This seemed like a pretty promising product to me! I've tried the Crest White Strips before but they make my teeth SO sensitive and I always seem to want to whiten my teeth in the winter for some reason (which makes my teeth hurt really bad when I go out in the cold). So, I set up shop in my bathroom equipped with Derek's iPad and the HBOgo app. Which just so happens to have all 6 seasons of Sex and the City. 

First step: read the freakin directions. If I have learned one thing from my husband it is to always read the directions. Lesson was learned after we moved into our house and the boys decided they would put our entertainment center together without directions. I now have the ugliest entertainment center ever! The pieces didn't fit right so instead of checking the directions they just drilled holes through it and made it "fit together." Yea, I always read the directions now.

Second Step: Figure out what shade my teeth are.
The guide was a little hard to read. So I guessed I was around the top of the chart since my teeth don't look entirely like corn kernels. 

Third Step: Rinse mouth out with the Premium White Lushter Mouth Wash.
I'm not gonna lie. I hate the taste of MOST minty flavors. There are a select few that I actually enjoy. I put the rinse in my mouth (10cc's to be exact) and I swished it around a little. The first second was completely tasteless and then the mint kicked in. Surprisingly it was a really great mint taste. Not like mouthwash with the nasty alcohol taste to it at all. I swished that around for exactly 10 seconds and then moved on to step four.

Forth Step: Apply the whitening gel.
It kind of looked like fingernail polish to be quite frank. You take the cap off, coat your teeth with the brush making sure to dip it back in the bottle between each tooth. And let it dry for 20 seconds. Easy peasy.

Fifth step: Light it up!

Your mouth that is. It comes with this awesome little mouth light thingy. Stratton through I looked spooky. I don't disagree. You hold it in front of your teeth for two minuets. The best part is if you're ADD like me or just have a nasty habit of not paying attention, it shuts itself off after 2 min!!! I thought that was the best part of all!!

Once you've lit up your face you rinse your mouth and repeat steps 3 though 5 for a maximum of 20 times in a 24 hour period. I only did it 15 times.

Here are the results!

Overall I'm pretty pleased with the results. I'm sure if I do it again in a month or so and switch to a whitening toothpaste it will help keep them white and pearly.

My Grade for the 1 Hour White by Luster:

I loved the product FAR more than I did the Crest White Strips. It wasn't bad tasting, I didn't drool all over myself, and it actually showed results in an hour. Not to mention my favorite part is that it whitened without leaving my teeth sensitive.


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Karen said...

Wow! I've been wondering if the two hour whitening thing worked but I've gotten results with Crest so I was scared to try anything else. I mean, it is expensive. The one thing I hated most was that it only covers the front few teeth. I know you don't see the others that often, but still. Does this cover all or just the front teeth?
ps your teeth look beautiful!