Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Plans for My House

So, I've been addicted to Pinterest for a while now. I love all the cute little ideas that people post! It's such a great tool for people that are...lacking in the financial stability field. (broke)

Thus far I have 5 rooms I would like to potentially change / finish.

Room 1: Mine and Derek's bedroom
Right now it's painted blue with a queen sized bed, two night stands, 2 dressers, 1 closet, 1 tv having on the wall.

Here are a few ideas I have for our bedroom:

Window Treatments: I would love to have new window treatments. Something that looks better than the Wal-Mart curtains we have had hanging in there since we lived in the apartment. They're horrible looking to say the least. They always get stepped on because they're too long and I always wind up tying them back because they block the heating/cooling vent. SO!

I found this awesome tutorial on Pintest.
Check out these awesome blinds!
This lady literally took a regular slat blind and cut it apart to make this cute little window treatment! This will be one of my next projects in the near future.

Queen Size Headboard: Derek and I have the worst luck when it comes to trying to find something for our bed that we both like. We will finally find something that we like but it's either a) too expensive b) out of stock or c) on a random website that we can afford but the shipping is twice as much as the product.

 So, I'm an art major. I should be able to make this and make it look goood! Not to mention Derek used to work as a cabinet maker! The kid is good with wood ( or at least he should be ). Here is what I would like to do as a headboard. via
 I would like for it to be white thought and a little distressed so it doesn't look like a pallet hanging from our wall.

Stratton's Play Room: I seriously HATE this room because it looks like Toys R Us threw up in my kids play room. I have yet to go through all his toys and get rid of all the stuff he doesn't play with anymore. Yes, I understand it's probably my fault that it always looks like a hurricane disaster zone but, I hate cleaning it up every 2 days. I just gave up. SO, these are a few of the ideas that I have for Stratton's play room. I'm hoping maybe I could get a little room in there for some of my stuff (like an arts and crafts table).

For his closet in there I would love to do this. via
 With all his books I would love to do this via
I think 64% of the problem I have with Stratton's play room is that I can't organize it worth anything. I think cleaning out the closet in there, organizing his toys, throwing away some of his toys, and actually decorating the room would make it 10 times better.

Bathroom: our bathroom is in dire need of some TLC. We have two different light fixtures, stained-bleached-ugly brown rugs, a bent cream colored shower rod, clear shower curtain rings, ugly stained plastic shower, and overall just an UGLY bathroom. Here is what I would like to do with our bathroom.

First off would be the mismatched light fixtures. I love these!

The would love big thick shag rugs in my bathroom like this one. via
I would also like to paint the bathroom this lovely color.
And put some nice white or cream tile in the shower to replace the plastic lining that it now has is in.

Our hallway closet outside of the bathroom could use some help also. I would love it it looked like this. via
Basement/Man Cave: As some of you might know, our basement flooded the last time we got a whole lot of rain and it tends to leak every time we get a big rain. The last two times it hasn't been a whole whole lot just enough to ruin the carpet and make us have to take everything out of the basement that was even remotely important. It also caused the baseboards to mold. As of right now we are going to be having someone over very soon to fix all of it. This includes: fixing the moldy walls, putting new molding around the base of the walls, putting tile down and painting the walls again. Derek would also like to redo the ceiling but I think it looks fine. I hope we get it fixed because right now it's POURING down rain outside and all I can think about is that my desk drawers are next to the wall where it usually leaks.
I would love to have a nice area for Derek to watch his sports games and have all his "manly" items.I don't want the typical bar in the basement either. I would love if half of this room could turn into Stratton's play area so he can be down with Derek while he plays and Derek watches TV. 

Last but not least.
My Office/Study: The room that is supposed to be my office/study is currently filled with...wait for it...CRAP! Everything from stuff we need to get rid of to stuff that we can't find a good safe place for because of the water. I would love to repaint the walls in there and get a little office that looks like this.
I want my own space where I can do my homework as well as have a space for my computer and printer and sewing machine. I need a space for my stuff. Especially if I would like to per sue having a business from home as a graphic artist (this would be in the future hopefully but I'm not holding my breath).
This office would be perfect for the room I have. It could to do this room identically and it would fit perfect. If only I had some extra money just laying around and nothing to do with it. 
So there you have it. This is what I would like done with my house right now. If anyone has any pointers for me please let me know. I'm always open for ideas. Happy Hump Day! The week is half way over!

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Karen said...

I just discovered Pininterest. LOVE IT. Another headboard idea... Gary made a superawesome one for both my mom and sister out of an old door. My sister has moved, but I'll try to get a pic for you of the one he made for my mom. You would love it and I bet Derek could make it easily!
AND, that book wall is AWESOME! I hope you do it! I want to see! :D