Thursday, September 15, 2011

SEMO Fair and Fair Parade

I LOVE the SEMO District Fair! There I said it. I love everything about it.
The people watching. The carnies. The artery clogging goodness they call food. The cheaply-put-together-could-kill-you-at-any-second rides. The over priced games that aren't work the prize you win. The smell of body and cigarette smoke. The ungodly amount of unsupervised children. EVERYTHING!

I go every year and I love taking Stratton and dragging Derek behind me. We always wind up spending more money than what we would like but we always have so much fun while we're there.
 It's kind of funny, in the picture above you see two sheep. Notice the one on the left? He has his tongue sticking out! Haha.
 Stratton kept calling this little sheep "little guy." It was so cute. He is such a funny kid.
 He didn't like the four horned sheep. She scared him. He stuck with the woolly smaller sheep. 
 He of course had to ride the pony, which was adorable. Stratton talked to the horse and the guy running the pony ride the entire time.
 He was all smiles the whole ride.
 Stratton really doesn't know a stranger. He will talk to anyone.
 Stratton and is hock on candy. Haha. He can't say cotton.
 He LOVES his cotton candy.
 Welcome to Southeast Missouri
 Monday we went to the parade with my mom and my sister. Stratton rode with them so I met up with them later on. He loved the bands and the motorcycles. Every time a band would get ready to come by he would yell "Mom! A band!" I wish I could get that excited about something.
He loved it and had such a good time. He was ALL smiles. Not to mention he got an entire ziploc bag full of candy.

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