Monday, September 12, 2011


Just a word of warning: This is a very long post with LOTS of pictures. 

A few weekends ago we celebrated not only my dad's birthday but also my Nice Cobie's birthday. 
On the drive over to Cobie's birthday party Stratton was all smiles.
 The birthday girl took a nap before everyone got there. I caught her right as she woke up
 Her Aunt Cara made her cake and her cup cakes for the party.
 She has the cutest cousins. This is Kelsey.
 The birthday girl again trying to wake up.

 Cobie with Grandma Lisa
 I love babies!
 Stratton was playing so hard that day. He was having so much fun on the playground equipment with Papa Dale.
 She made the most pathetic little face when we put her princess hat on her. 
 Stratton looked like such a big boy!
 I love her face in this picture. She's like "Seriously mom and dad, get off my cake."
 This was the card that Stratton picked out for Cobie. He even asked Grandma Lisa for a dollar to put it in the card for her. He is the sweetest thing ever.
She loved her baby dolls.
  Stratton had a really good time if you can't tell. That's sweat, not water.

 Later on that night we met up with my mother in law and father in law (Jim and Brenda) and we ate at stooges. Stratton of course had to get snow cones when we were done eating.

 Monday (Sept 5th) was my dad's birthday so we spend that afternoon celebrating with him and our family at my sisters house.
 Marcus and Derek enjoying their Monday off.
 Stratton's new thing is playing tackle!
 Marcus's brother Robert even came in town to help us celebrate.
 Grandpa John, Maggie (Robert's girlfriend), Laura (Marcus's mom) and Robert hanging out.
 Stratton and Grandpa Calvin
 My mom and dad
  Grandma B and John enjoying the sunshine
 Rob (Marcus's dad) and Marcus grilling.
  Grandma Kathie and Stratton playing soccer in the front yard.
 Sage loves Grandma B
 Sage was so hot. She slept most of the party.
 Stratton was showing us his karate moves off of the steps.
  Casey and Grandma cooking in the kitchen.
 Three generations of women. Me, Casey, Grandma Marge, and my mom.
 my mom and Laura
 Stratton was so excited.

Rob and Laura House
 Marcus loves his Sage and Sage loves her Marcus.
I hope you all enjoyed ALL of the pictures. Hope you have a wonderful week as well.

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Anonymous said...

Always look forward to the pictures and all the good memories that we have. Was a great time.

Love, Gma M