Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Shopping Fast Update

UH! I never knew how hard it was to not spend on a whim. I have seriously had to bite my fingers so I wouldn't buy the "stuff" I don't need. I have been SO temped to just get "something small" but those small somethings really add up.

Here is my list to date of all the things I have wanted but resisted buying.

Thursday, August 4th
-Roger Alan Wade iTunes album - $9.99
-Lunch @ El Torrero - usually around  $15 (with tip)

Friday, August 5th
- Kat Von D Adora foil Lipstick online - $25 (with shipping)
-Tumbler Cup with Lid - $25 (with shipping)

Saturday, August 6th
-Keen winter boots on sale at Marcy's - $60 (before tax)

Sunday, August 7th
-Red glitter nail polish - $8.50 (before tax)
-Clear top coat nail polish - $7.50 (before tax)
-Dinner at Skip's - $15 (guessing)

Monday, August 8th
-Smoothie from Smoothie King - $7.69 (before tax)

Tuesday, August 9th
-eBook "The Help" - $9.99
-Vera Bradley 100 Handbag (on sale) - $37.00 (with shipping)
-buttons on etsy - $8.35 (with shipping)

Total Saving from not Spending: $229.02

WHOA! Yes, that is a lot of money. BUT, I didn't realize how much all the "stuff" I was buying was racking up. Most items that I buy are $25 or less but it really does add up. I will say I spent $33 and some change to finally purchase the pictures we had taken by Ashley Lancaster. I think it was well worth it because I got to finally use my $25 gift certificate on the order. Not to mention I got a 20x30 for free and my coupon expires tomorrow. Derek is even getting in on the saving train and we both decided to not stay the night in St Louis for his friends wedding in order to save money.

This is really helping me not only save money but it has helped me look to God for strength. Every time I feel the urge to buy something I ask God to give me strength not to spend. It has defintiely helped.

I hope everyone is having a great Tuesday!

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Karen said...

Wow! Way to go Emily!