Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Picture Dump

The best tea ever. I love that they have Grannyism's on the inside of the cap.
 I got my nails painted last Sunday. The color should have been Dorothy's Shoes. It was SO sparkly.
 I love sun burst photos.
 Stratton loves him some Price is Right.
 I have the most spoiled cat in the entire world.
 ...again. He's so spoiled.
 This is why I can never get anything done. If I sit at the kitchen table he has to sit on my shoulders.
 The meatloaf that again didn't turn out well. It was mushy again. Maybe the 3rd time is a charm.
 Can you tell we're potty training?
 The mushy meat loaf.
 Our tickets came in for the Down concert.
 We celebrated my grandmothers birthday last weekend as well. She makes the BEST Angel Food Cake EVER!!!

 The healthy breakfast I chose to eat yesterday. Ale 8-1 was from my parents, M&M's were from the HR lady, and the popcorn was some that I already had. Price: $0 SCORE!
I'm thankful this week that I bought a new pallet of eye makeup before my fast. I am learning to put my make up on better each day. Don't laugh but I actually looked up how to put makeup on like a drag queen! They're makeup is flawless!!!
 Everyone should be SO proud of me. Among not spending any money. I have officially not bit my nails since last Sunday as well! Go me!

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