Monday, August 8, 2011

Weekend Events

So, this weekend we celebrated a friends birthday. Our friend Todd turned the big 3-0 so we celebrated by doing what we Missourians do best: Eating Mexican, shooting each other with guns, and playing in the water.

Saturday we went to El Alcopolco for dinner then immediately took him to Blogett for paintball. It was SO much fun but SO painful and HOT!!! He had no idea where we were going so it was a great surprise for him. Being from Iowa, he likes guns and shooting stuff too. Paintballing was a huge hit with him.No pun intended.

Kelly and Teresa laughed because I had such pretty eyes and I looked like I was out for blood. Haha. Like I said on my Friday confessions, I've been wearing makeup and doing my hair everyday.
Totally inappropriate but I couldn't help laughing because this lady kept talking about paint balls but kept shortening it to balls.   "Don't pick up dirty balls."  "If your balls get stuck, shake the gun and they will come out." Those were just a few.

 The jumper was only $5 and SO worth it because it helped me blend it a little better.
 It was a one size fits "most."
  This is what Derek has to look forward to in the future.
 Marcus looking studly in the tall white socks.
 Our group looked pretty awesome. Not gonna lie.

  From left to right: Travis (Terea's brother), me, Ryan (friend), Emilie (wife of Travis), Todd (birthday boy), Josh (friend), Teresa (wife of birthday boy, Dalton (friend) Kelly (friend) and Marcus (my sister's boyfriend)

 I got shot twice. One on the inside of my thigh and once in the face.
  I don't think you could have taken a better shot.

 Here is the bruise from when Josh shot me. This was the morning after.
 This was the afternoon after.
This is today.
Still hurts to cross my legs.

Sunday we headed to Clearwater Lake in Peidmont, Mo. It was beautiful and SO nice. The temp was around 97* but the water was cool enough that it wasn't too bad. Teresa rented a pontoon boat that we all got to rid eon. We had food, drinks, and good music. It was the perfect way to end the weekend.
 Sisters! She makes me look SO pale. Haha
 Josh observing Marcus passed out on the turtle floaty.
 Todd and Teresa loving on each other.
 Josh's photo bomb. Thank you Josh.

Overall it was a great weekend and I'm glad I have such great friends to spend this quality time with. :)

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Karen said...

ohmygod! You look so cute! Looks like a blast (pun intended...)! I have only been paintballing (is that even a word?) once. Your battle wound looks terrible! Good Lord! How close was your shooter?