Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Confessions

I confess that as gross as Derek thinks it is for me to change my feminine products in front of him, (which I don't out of common courtesy) I think it's twice as repulsive when he comes into the bathroom first thing in the morning, pees standing up while I'm brushing my teeth and farts while he scratches his butt.

I confess I have been struggling with keeping up with my 31 Days to Clean the last few days because I have been SO TIRED.

I confess I freeze Derek out at night on purpose because I find that he doesn't snore as bad when it's cold.

I confess I have been trying to stop biting my nails...and have been failing miserably.

I confess I can not WAIT until this afternoon when Derek and I get our pictures taken by Ashley Lancaster. She takes amazing pictures and it's for such a great cause. She is bringing home her son very soon with the help of everyone that gets their pictures taken by her. Check out her Love in Photography Blog.

I confess I have been stressing a lot lately because of school for next semester. I am going to be taking 6 hours of studio classes, doing my foundation review, and taking the WP003 test. The studio classes I'm taking are Ceramics I and Intro to Web Design. The foundation review consists of putting out all of the artwork that I have done in the last 4 years and putting it out on display to be judged to see if I can keep going as an art student. The WP003 test is just a 3 hour writing exam that I have to take on a random Saturday so I can graduate. Fun Fun Fun!

I confess I will probably be a zombie for like 5 months starting Aug 22.  Studio classes are the worst!

I confess I am ready for the WEEKEND! Happy Friday!

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Karen said...

I find that if I paint my short stubby nails I don't bite them as bad. If I can't SEE the white part I don't chew. Maybe it would work for you? Paint them and them get the 3-5 day nail growth formula. If you can nix it for THREE DAYS, you can take off the polish and see your progress. Then, when you see what happened in a few days you might be able to stop. What do you think? Good luck. Oh, and even if you break one, don't bite it off, not even to make it even. Cut or file. If you bite you will bite them all off before you know it! We can do this!