Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What a geocaching adventure!

Friday, Saturday and Sunday went by way too quick for my liking but it was such a fun wonderful weekend I couldn't help but like all of it (even the crazy parts). Friday was such an eventful day for me.  The weather was beautiful outside and I had extra time made up since I was out of school for spring break so I left work at 2 and picked Stratton up from the baby sitter. It was a beautiful 64 degrees outside, a little overcast but overall a great day to get outside.  The first geocache that Stratton and I found that day was in a little cemetery that I had no idea even existed. It was tucked back up into a little clearing, the driveway up to it just stopped at a really tall hill. We got out of the truck and looked around at all the neat tombstones. There were a lot of children and infants there which was really sad. You forget how hard it was to raise a family back then. When we found the cache, Stratton grabbed the nearest big stick and was SO excited!
 3/18/11 CGCC1 GC1AN9Y
 What's this?
 There were so many gravestones that were so old that you could hardly read the name or date on them.

 I thought this tree in the very middle of the cemetery was neat looking (a little spooky too) kind of like something from a scary movie.

After we found the CGCC1 geocache we stopped by the Pioneer Market right up the street from our house. It's a nice little place and I was interested in seeing how much some bulbs for the front of our house would be. I would love to have some pretty flours in there instead of the ugly bushes that are there now.
We got some strawberries and some candy. Stratton loves suckers so he got a great big sucker too.
I found some old cigarette candy too! I didn't even think they sold these anymore. They taste horrible but I couldn't remember the last time I saw them so I got a few boxes for Derek.
 He was so proud of his sucker.
 Aren't these so cool looking?

We stopped by Cook's Barbecue on the way back to our house to wait until Aunt Stephie got off of work.
Stratton got a bbq and french fries. This was the best bbq I have had in a while. It was SO good, not to mention that it was a lot cheaper than Wibs and you got more meat on your sandwich. I might have to stop by there for dinner tonight. Once Steph got to our house it was time to go GEOCACHING!
It was Stephanie's first time going and definitely the most memorable time I've ever had.
The first find for Steph was one called Left Turn Clyde!! She found it all by herself! I was so proud!
 3/18/11 Left Turn Clyde!! GC251XM

Before we put it back we noticed a lady on the phone staring at us while we were signing the log. I thought nothing of it, put the geocache back where it was supposed to go and set off to see if there were any other geocache in the area. When we were leaving I noticed her pulling around where we had parked. I was scared she had seen us put it back and thought maybe we were putting trash down or something. Boy was I wrong.
There was a geocache less than a mile away at my old high school. I was so happy we got to find this one. It was pretty neat getting to show Steph and Stratton where I went to high school.
 3/18/11 Another Brick In The Wall GC2GB73

I was a little concerned about the other geocache so I decided to stop back by and see if the lady had found the geocache and see if she was ok. She seemed a little distressed when we had left. I pulled around next to her and tried talking to her. This wasn't happening. She was on the phone telling whoever she was talking to what Steph and I looked like. Great. I'm thinking. She's keeps talking to whoever she is talking to that she can't believe we have the gall to come back! I'm thinking we did something very wrong, knowing really we hadn't done ANYTHING wrong. I tried again to talk to her and explain what we were doing and how it was harmless. She saw it otherwise. She kept the police coming until I explained what it really was and how I indeed wasn't drug trafficking or trespassing onto her property. Once she was settled down a little bit she told the police on the phone she was fine and I thought it was over. NOPE! She got riled up again when I asked for the geocache back so I could give it back to the owner. She definitely wasn't having this either. She couldn't quite grasp the concept that I wasn't the one that put it there in the first place and that I was merely finding it and putting it back. So, she called police again...(She's a little trigger happy if you can't tell) Her husband showed up shortly after we pulled up and he then started to chime in about how 7 months ago when people were trespassing on his property he was almost killed. I (being the curious cat that I am) asked what happened. The lady screamed at us that it was none of our business and crossed her arms like a 3 year old having a hissy fit when her husband kept telling us what happened. I told him I was truly sorry for what had happened and it must have been very scary. He thought I was being a smartass and proceeded to tell me he didn't appreciate my sarcasm. Hmm... these people really are a bunch of loony tunes.  While we were waiting and I kept asking (nicely) for the geocache back the crazy woman was acting like a high schooler who had just taken away a middle schooler's bag and was trying to rub it in that she had the geocache and I didn't. She goes "well, it's mine now. I used my geo to find the geocache." At this point I'm steaming because of the stupidity that these people reek of so, I said the nicest thing I could at that point. "You find a geocache with a GPS." (I really wanted to end that statement with a nice 5 letter word that rhymes with witch but I kept my mouth shut) She told me she was trying to make a joke and I laughed like a crazy person in her face just to make sure she knew I didn't give a crap about her lack of humor and poor judgment on being a decent human being. She proceeded to keep jacking her jaw and said that if she found another one there again she was going to throw it away. I glared at her. It took everything in me to keep my mouth from giving her verbal whiplash. A few LONG minuets later the police officer showed up. The crazy couple all but sprinted over to them. I stayed put in the truck. They can say their peace and I'm not about to argue with these people. God knows I probably would have shoved the geocache someplace in that lady where no one but a doctor could have found it. I sat in the truck trying to calm down and what better thing to do while you're waiting? Take pictures to document your fun journey!
The cops stood there and talked to the Loony Tune couple for a couple of minuets, the man pointed up towards his property, the crazy woman flailed her arms around like a chicken. Steph, Stratton and I sat. Finally after some waiting the police officer came over and I greeted him at the front of the truck. He asked what we were doing, where we were, when she saw us and what we were doing. I explained that we were geocaching and (like most people) he asked what it was. I showed him my GPS as well as my geocaching app that is on my phone. We talked for a little bit then he went back over to the L.T. couple to get the geocache back for me. (Did I mention this police officer was super nice?) He came back with the cache and told me that the woman told him that I charged after her. Really? Charged? I don't think so. We got the geocache back and he said we were good to go. We of course had to name drop that our sister in law worked with him so he got a good laugh out of that. I was SO glad we got the cache container because I could see the lady was pissed that he gave it to us. That made my day. The cache has since then been replaced and I talked to the person who put it there. He thought it was funny too and said not to worry about those people. Where it's placed, it's public property and not theirs to throw away. He said he's going to keep putting it back until they either get over it or call the police a few more times.

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Les said...

Oh my gosh I could not read this fast enough. My blood was seriously boiling for you. If I was in your position I would've probably been in tears. You're a brave gal lol!