Thursday, February 24, 2011

What's Daddy's name?

Last night I had to go to Wal Mart and Petco so I took Stratton with me because for some reason he LOVES Wal Mart. He wants bananas (namas) every time we walk in the door. We went by Petco first and Stratton looked at all the animals and I went to check out and the item I wanted was 3 times as much as it was supposed to be (it was supposed to be on sale) so I wound up not getting it. We headed to Wal Mart after that and got some cat supplies and he got his bananas. We checked out, he said bye to everyone as we were leaving and then we headed back home. In the car I like to talk to Stratton a lot and make sure that he is learning everything he can as we ride in the car. So last night I was asking him what his name was, what my name was, and what Daddy's name was. Well I started off with me I said "Stratton what's my name" he says "Mommy." So I ask, "What's your name?" he says "Stratton" then I ask, "What's Daddy's name?" and without missing a beat he says "Babe." Haha. I couldn't help but call Derek and tell him what Stratton is now referring to him as. Too cute.

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