Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day 4 of 30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 4: Your Parents

My parents....are two completely different personalities.  But they are perfect for each other. 
I look up to my parents for staying together through thick and thin. 

I have said before that my mom is one of my heroes. She works hard everyday and I is always a happy cheerful person. She never stops. We always joke and say that she's on the crack patch because she's always going and barely sleeps. She was the first person on my side of the family that I told that I was pregnant and she took it in stride. She didn't yell at me she didn't make me feel bad about it. She just made it clear that I needed to step up to the plate and do what I needed to do. My mom has had many hardships in her life but she doesn't let the grace of God leave her mind. My mom's sister passed away when she was only 19 years old, her brother passed away when he was only 23 and yet my mother never though of it to be a punishment from God. She took it as a lesson to never forget to tell the people you love two things. 1. I'm sorry and 2. I love you. My mom has always been there for me and I thank God every day that he gave me such strong women to look up to in my family.  I know there was times where I disappointing my mom but she always forgave me for what I did and always made sure that I knew why what I was doing was wrong. I love her for that.

My dad was my best friend growing up. We went somewhere almost every weekend. I remember riding for hours and hours to go fishing in the freezing cold and eating peanut butter and sardines from the can. My dad was always there to make things right. In 5th grade I got in trouble for something that I didn't do and I was made to sit out of the halloween party while all the other kids got candy and got to dress up. My dad hated that I would have to be in trouble for something I didn't do so he called me in sick and we went fishing. It was the best thing ever! I loved him for doing that for me. My dad and I didn't always see eye to eye though. During my teenage years it was really hard for me to get a long with my parents. I was a sh*thead to say the least. I never listened and I was SO argumentative. I didn't even have a reason to be like that but I just was. I broke my dads heart when I told him I was pregnant too. That was the hardest thing I ever had to do. I was always such a daddy's girl and I wasn't I though. 

I never respected or even appreciated what my parents had done for me growing up until I had a child of my own. To go through what my mom went through with labor (minus her having an epidural) to see how hard it is to stay up with a sick child or a colicky child. To love something so unconditionally that it hurts to know that they hurt and you can't do anything about it. I have such a new level of love and understanding for both of my parents now that I am a parent myself. I love them both and I'm so thankful that God let me be their child. 

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