Monday, November 10, 2008

Something fun to look back at

I was looking through my pregnancy journal and again I realize why I have such a great mom and sister. They wrote down all the things that happened during my labor and delivery.

Here's all that they wrote.

1am- arrived at SE Hospital
5:30am- mom & dad come up
6:45am- Dr Morton broke my water (2.5cm)
8:30-Casey arrived
8:45am-I got my epidural- was wonderful! 90% effaced
Derek went home to clean up and smoke
9:30am Cathy Schloss comes by to check on me
11:15- Casey & Derek went to lunch
1:00pm-Grandma Kathie, Grandpa Calvin, & Great Grandma Marge ate at Lacy's on the Hill
NOTE- Great Grandma Marge is driving to STL to meet up with a person because Grandma Kathies conference she couldn't make. Instead-Taco Bell.
2:00pm- 10cm
2:40pm- contractions harder -pushing -more drugs
"feels like I have to push"
2:50pm- first pushes begin with the nurse
2:55pm-bringing in all the equipment for delivery!
3:20pm- Stratton is HERE!
7lbs 7oz 20 1/2 inches

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