Friday, September 5, 2008

Moving In.....Well Sorta.

Slowly but surely Derek and I are getting things put into the new house. We had a small get together with one of my friends and her boyfriend and one of their friends they met at camp. It started out great. The boys got the DVD holder together AND a bookshelf. At that point they probably should have stopped because it was like 2 in the morning. BUT, of course boys are hard headed and HAD to put the third piece together. Bad idea. We now have the most haggard looking t.v. stand in Southeast Missouri. But it's going down stairs so like they say "out of sight out of mind." Right?

Here are some pics from that night.

The start of a LONG night. Derek and Alex getting ready to tackle the book shelf.

This is Lauren and Andy their friend they met at camp this summer. He's from London and stuck in the U.S. for now because the airline he bought his ticket through went bankrupt. So he's here till he can get another ticket.

The first piece of furniture DONE! Don't ask why but they wanted to show the back of it because that's were most of the work went into it. Haha. Boys.

Second Project, The DVD shelf and a very messy living room.

Andy kept saying that this project was like war. You have the british kid yelling out directions and the american guys do all the work. And that's pretty much all he did all night was tell them what to do.

35 Weeks Pregnant and ready to go to bed.

The large trash pile that was left in our planter on our porch. We took out the planter and this was what was left over. There was even a turtle shell in there. Yuck.

Starting on the 3rd project that shouldn't have even been touched. This was taken at floor level because I was sleeping on the floor at this point. Needless to say I was sore when I woke up at 4:30 to go home!!!!

Our cute upstairs bathroom. The only room in the house that is pretty much done. It's really all I could do since there's no heavy lifting involved in this room. I think it tured out ok.

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