Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Watermelon and Babies

This weekend was a pretty easy and relaxing weekend. We stayed at home most of the weekend and enjoyed the downtime. We watched movies and kept the curtains closed. It was nice and dark and perfect for watching movies. I slept through most of the movies on Saturday and played with Stratton some too. I bought a watermelon on Friday and Stratton was just dying to eat some of it. Saturday before his nap I cracked it open and we all three sat on the back porch and gorged ourselves with watermelon. It was SO good!
 Stratton thought it was pretty cool that he could take a big bite out of the big slice.
 Daddy was eating his with salt so Strat had to give it a try too.
 Cheers to watermelon!

Sunday my friend Amanda and I threw a baby celebration for our friends Lauren and Alex who had a beautiful baby boy about a month ago. His name is Everett Dale and he is the cutest little thing.
He sleeps so well even though there were a million things making noise around him.
Stratton loved giving him kisses too while he was sleeping.
Alex and Stratton are best buds.
We had lots of yummy treats for everyone.
Amanda brought her new baby Lulu to the party to hang out too. Isn't she the cutest?
The boys played redneck golf in the front yard.
Stratton hadn't had a nap that day and was SUPER fussy.
Alex had quite the green thumb. This is one of his flowers in front of their house.
Look at that cute boy!
She is so precious. Stratton liked Lulu too. She kept giving him kisses.
Amanda with Everett. He is such a good baby.
Already sporting his cardinals gear. haha. We will have him dressed in Red Sox gear soon enough. ;)
Amanda spiked his hair. This kid has more hair at one month than Stratton had at one year.
Ice cream cake!
We love baby Everett.
These pictures of him are so adorable. These are his new born pictures.
Ashley came by to celebrate baby Everett.
Even Derek got to hold the baby while he slept. He said he could get used to this. Good thing! Because only like 7 more months and he's going to be doing this a lot.
This is Ashley's daughter Ella. She's 3 months younger than Stratton. They were definitely partners in crime on Sunday.
Our friend Lego and his girlfriend Sammy brought their puppy with them as well. His name was Weston.
He's a silver lab. Super cute! He had the biggest paws on him.
We say outside and soaked up the fresh air. Everett loved it.
Look at those cheeks!
Ella thought it was pretty fun to throw water at the boys.
Derek was her target for a few minuets.
I think Alex needs a little Lulu too.
Let me just go on record for just a minuet and say that I was actually dressed nice in a pretty dress with my hair down and no glasses but my son decided to spray the entire back side of me with the water hose before we got any decent pictures. So yes, I look like a slob but that was only because my son decided I needed another shower.

We are so blessed to have such great friends. We really enjoyed getting to see everyone and are so thankful for everyone that came and joined us celebrate.

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