Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Does It Work Wednesday

Today I'm going to tell you about the obviously male invented item called Designer Liner by Eye Rock.
These little gems were in my BirchBox last month and I have been DYING to try them out. I had a few extra minuets in the bathroom last night so I decided to try these bad boys out. The directions tell you to make sure your eye is clean and oil free. I seriously had not a single speck of makeup on last night. I got some new makeup wipes that are AWESOME!
 Next you're supposed to take the liner off of the backing. These things are stickers? Weird. Hope they don't hurt. I held my hand up so you could see just how huge these puppies are. They're gigantic. This is again why I say they must have been made by a male.
 They advise to take the liners off with tweezers so your fingers oils don't hinder the stickiness of the backing on it.
Once you get them off with tweezers you hold them up to your eye and try you darnedest to size them up so that you can trim the excess off of them.

You're to cut off the excess size with a small pair of scissors. I kind of guessed that I cut it to size.
 After I got it sized up on my eye, cut, and fitted on my eye I pressed it on. They tell you to leave your eye open when putting it on. I did...and all the wrinkles on my eye got all stuck together. When I closed my eye it hurt and pulled horribly.
 After opening my eye again the inner part of the thing kept peeling up. I tried, and tried, and tried, and tried to get the stupid thing to stick down again to no avail.
Then came the excruciating pain of taking these horrible things off. It was like pulling off a bandwait on my eye! It was horrible. 
 I didn't even try to put the second one on. These things were horrible.
I give these Designer Eyeliners a big fat F!

I really really really wanted these to work. I really did. I tried hard to follow the directions perfectly and do everything exactly as it says. They sucked though. I watched 5-6 YouTube videos on these after I tried them and read LOTS of posts about them. As it seems, EVERYONE hated these things. Some people even had rashes on their eyelids from the adhesive on them. Glad I didn't leave them on or try to put the other one on as well.

Happy Hump Day everyone! Hope you all have a great day today. I may or may not have a post for you all tomorrow. Derek and I are going to St Louis for the night and I won't be back until tomorrow afternoon. We're going to go see Hank III. I can't wait! Have a good day everyone!

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Karen said...

Jeez! Awesome review! Couldn't you get a similar outcome (with zero adhesive!) with liquid eyeliner? I don't know I'm just asking...