Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesday Confessions

Where did this week go? Life has been flying by lately and I can't get a handle on it to make it slow down. We had a great weekend doing a whole lot of nothing. I did homework while Derek and Stratton had some quality time together. We went to Derek's dad's house for Super Bowl and then got a kid free night last night so I enjoyed a glass of cheap wine while I watched Oddities.

I hope you all had a great weekend, enjoy my Friday Confessions a few days late.

I confess I cry every time I see a welcome home video of a solider to his family. It gets me every time!

I confess I have a weird habit... I keep boxes. Not big boxes but boxes from makeup, perfume, phones, etc. I know it's a weird habit and I'm a little puzzled as to why I get such gratification from saving these boxes. haha. I think it makes the thing I bought seem new again when I put it back in the box. It's weird I know. Just one of my many quirks.
Here are just a few of the many boxes I hold on to for some reason.
I confess I accidentally killed my aloe plant. It's still half alive but it looks REALLY bad. I just can't keep plants. I think I have a black thumb.

I confess I have been drinking A LOT lately. Not alcohol. I've been waking up and drinking a glass of water, then once I get to work I drink a bottle of grape juice, then a bottle of apple juice and then another 32oz of water until I get off work. I've just been REALLY thirsty lately.

I confess I love sleeping on our couch. Derek snores horribly so it's kind of nice to be able to sleep in silence in the living room every now and then.

I confess I am really really looking forward to going to Annie Lauries Antiques this week! I will be sure to share my finds with you all!

Hope you all are having a great week!

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