Friday, December 16, 2011

Birchbox is HERE!

I finally got my Birchbox in the mail yesterday!

(I say finally but really it's only been a month since the last one. hah!) If you haven't heard of Birch Box you should definitely head over to their website and check out what they have to offer. I love it because it's samples of high end products that I wouldn't normally get to try out first hand. This month was no exception to some really great goodies. Even better is that this holiday season, they are working with Baby Buggy, a non-profit that supplies needy families in the United States with essential goods for their children. The entire month of December, Birchbox will donate 100% of the profits from full-sized
Look at all the samples!

Up first we have...
Harvey Prince's Yogini: retails for $26 for a 8.8ml bottle
"Take a deep breath and relax with this calming scent. Notes of sandalwood, Egyptian myrrh, and grapefruit will help you feel as good as you smell."

I will say this scent reminds me of something that I would smell on my more "nature friendly" friends. Haha. It's not a bad scent, just not something I would normally wear. It's very natural smelling.

Jouer Moisturizing Lip Gloss in Birchbox Pink: retails for $20 for a .21oz tube
"We teamed up with one of our favorite brands to create this custom fuchia shade. Apply one coat for semi-sheer pigment, or build it for a hot pink pout."

I actually REALLY like this lip gloss. It's really long lasting. I put it on as soon as I opened the box when I got home yesterday and it lasted several hours without getting that weird clumpy feeling on my lips. I highly recommend this product.

L'Oreal Professional Mythic: retails for $30 for a 4.2oz bottle
"Bring home the salon with this lightweight oil, which boosts shine and beats frizz before or after styling."

I haven't gotten to try this oil out yet but if it is anything like the Moroccan oil that I normally use I'm sure it will be right up my alley.
This is the Moroccan Oil that I normally use. If you would like to support some local business, head over to Concepts. They are locally owned and operated and sell this product along with some other really great products. My favorite hair stylist Amanda works there so if you are in need of a trim or some color go to her! She's REALLY good. She has saved my hair when it was on the brink of disaster. They also sell some really great products that go to charities all over the world.

Next on the list...
Befine Gentle Cleanser: retails for $25 for 3.4 fl oz
"A moisturizing face cleanser made with sugar, rice, and oat extracts to hydrate and restore winter-dry skin."

I don't wash my face on a daily basis, but when I do I usually use Bare Minerals face cleanser and moisturizing face lotion. This sample seems like it is specifically made for that horrible winter dry skin that plagues me every winter. This might be added to my nightly routine.

Prep ShowStoppers Designer Fashion Tape: retails for $9.99 for 24 strips
"Celeb stylists swear by these double-sided tape strips, which will ensure that your party dress stays perfectly in place."

This will definitely be tried out this New Years if we make any plans to go out for a night on the town. I'm always pulling and tugging at my dresses when they are strapless. (this is partially from my lack of cleavage to hold the dress up. haha) We will see how these work out in the future for me. I'll keep you all updated.

Last but not least...
Recharge eBoost Orange Natural Energy Booster: retails for $28 for 20 packets
"Bounce back post-party with this tangy citrus energy booster, packed with a mega-dose of nutrients."

I'm not sure that I'll be partaking in this product because of warning label on the back. "Warning: Consult  a physician before use if you have high blood pressure, heart problems, are taking prescription drugs, or are pregnant, nursing, or contemplating becoming pregnant." Because of my heart problem I can't eat or drink anything with the "energy boosters" in them. I'll give it to my husband none the less and let him try out this sample for me.

Hope you all enjoyed this months Birchbox!

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