Thursday, November 17, 2011

LilyWhite. Designs

Hey everyone! Holy Moly it has been a WHILE since I have blogged! Yuck! I hate the feeling. I really wanted to blog but I have been a) way too busy to do anything other than work or school and b) I haven't really had anything important to write about!

Tuesday of this week I had the opportunity to take some amazing pictures of some really great people. I have been working directly with a Christian clothing company called LilyWhite. Designs. Check out their facebook page here. Their blog website here. And Lastly their website here. I am working with them on making their website new and better. This week we did the photo shoot to take pictures of their clothing and some of their accessories. Enjoy the pictures I took and if you need a good Christmas present please look to them for it. They are amazing and I love their clothing. My friend Leslie has a dress from them as well that is absolutely adorable.  Check out here blog post about her dress here.

Anyway, back to the photo shoot...please enjoy the pictures that I took and please go to their blog or website and give them some love. Abbie and Jordan are such God loving women and it is so nice to get to work with them. They truly are beautiful both inside and out.

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Karen said...

I seriously LOVE your photos and these designs, especially the tree quilt. They're so awesome! Did I mention the photos are great?! ;)