Monday, May 16, 2011

One Seriously Long Picture Post

I'm sorry. There I said it. I have been slacking HORRIBLY at updating my blog. I've been lacking motivation to write or post lately. I'm not sure if it's all the work I've been doing for school or what but I have been slacking. is all the posts I should have been posting for the last 2 months.

As most of you know we have had some really strange wet weather around here lately. Lots of storms with hail and tornadoes and now to top it off it's May 16th and I'm wearing jeans and several layers because it's 47 degrees out this morning. These are some pictures I took on my way to pick up Stratton from the baby sitters house.
 This pictures is right behind the auction barn on Hwy 61. You could seriously go white water rafting on that water!
 The water under this bridge usually just trickles under it. Not that day. It was almost up to the bridge. I didn't feel comfortable driving on it.
 But I did anyway.
 This is Brookside Park off of Hwy 61.
 Wibs parking lot
 Jackson Park
 Stratton playing in the water in our driveway. He was having so much fun splashing in the water.

 My mother in law came home for my nephew Payne's birhtday party. He's officially one year old! We went and got our toes done for the occasion. The black flip flops with the heart are my mother in laws toes. She got red with a white flower on the big toe. Bottom right is Steph's toes. She got a coral color with a white flower on the big toe and I'm the pasty white toes with neon pink polish and black zebra print stripes on the top.

  I can't believe how fast this year has gone by. It seems like just yesterday I was up at the hospital waiting to see that honkin' 10lb 10oz baby through the nursery window. He is such a cute little boy and I love him to pieces! I'm so glad we could spend the weekend celebrating his first birthday and getting to see all the family. 
 He loved his cake! If you couldn't tell.
 Payne loves his Uncle Derek.
 Nom Nom Nom!!

 Osama Bin Laden is finally DEAD!

 My sister Casey and her boyfriend Marcus celebrated their birthday's this month. Marcus and Casey are a year and a few days apart.
 We love when someone in our family has a birthday because that means we get my Grandma Marges FAMOUS angel food cake. It's AWESOME!
 Now does that look good or what?!
Stratton had to help open presents.

 As some of you know...Stratton has a Minnie Mouse that he can not live without. When he gets tired now he HAS to have his Minnie. Heaven FORBID we forget his Minnie somewhere or else we are in big trouble.
 More pictures of the Naked Cat aka Groucho

Buchheit's now has their chicks out for sale and I couldn't resist taking Stratton to go see them.
 They were so cute and tiny and Stratton was so gentle with them. I was so proud of him for not trying to pinch their heads off.

Another perk of summer is SNOW CONES! I love snow cones but Derek doesn't and now that Stratton tags along with me everywhere we can go get snow cones TOGETHER! I'm loving that I have a snow cone buddy. Stratton is loving the snow cones.
 He is such a big boy now.

On Mothers Day Stratton and I hung out with my dad for the day.
My dad was trying on Stratton's new sun glasses.

My cute nephew Payne hanging out next to the pool for a family barbecue at the in laws house. 

 One day last week Stratton and I hung out with my parents and went geocaching. My dad is just now getting into it so I helped him find a few that day.
 Stratton loves popping bubbles.

More snow cones. Even Sage (the dog) got in on the icy treat.

 I got some new glasses last week...and yes I am well aware I look just like my mom...and a dork.

 Saturday Stratton and I went by Wal Mart for some grocery shopping and he got a "tattoon" of a baseball on his arm.
 He loved it SO much! He didn't want to wash it off.

We also went to the nature center with Aunt Stephie, Uncle Garrett, and Payne. He really liked playing with everything. I really liked the turtle and the two headed snake. 

 Saturday afternoon my sister decided to take the plunge and donate her locks to Locks of Love. I was there for moral support and to take as many pictures as possible. My sister has the THICKEST most beautiful curly hair. Here are the before, during and after pics.
 There is no turning back now.
 It took quite a bit of hacking at that pony tail before she was able to get it all off.
 But she did it! Good job Les!
 And now the after! I love it! Leslie did SO great.
 Good job sister!
 Sporting my new glasses and her new do. I'm loving both.

 In the spirit of new hair cuts. I cut Stratton's hair this weekend too. It's SO short but I'm getting used to it. I already want it to grow back out. 
 He looks just like his daddy now.

 Last night my friend Lauren and I went to Kaleidoscoop for ice cream with Stratton. It was SO yummy and Stratton loved it. Here he is showing off his blue tongue.
  That pretty well sums up the last couple of months. I have been uber busy with school but now that it is out I can get right back into blogging again. Sort of. I started summer school today so maybe not. I'll try to get better. I miss my readers and I miss putting more than just my Friday Confessions up. Hope you all enjoy.

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God Bless Ty's Sno Cones!!! I LOVE them! Where is Kaleidoscoop at?