Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday Confessions

I confess that I am actually NOT looking forward to summer. I don't have any big plans to go anywhere and I have summer school BLEH!

I confess that I am second guessing my new glasses.

I confess I am pale as a ghost but I don't want to go tanning because this video has made me question every single one of the 100+ moles that I have on my body and I don't want to get malignant melanoma.

I confess I wish I was tan but I'm really ok with the pasty white and the gallons of self tanner I will inevitably use over the next few months.

I confess I have been a blog snob lately. I have been too good for my blog and I have been working on our SEMO Bloggers blog instead. 

I confess I owe my nephew, sister and sister's boyfriend a post all of their own for their birthdays. Sorry. :S

I confess I am 3 days late for this post but better late than never right?

1 comment:

Les said...

Better late than never! ;) I have missed you posting though.

Also, in case you're in the market for some self tanner, I just bought Nivea brand gradual tanner for my legs and it worked pretty good, minus the orangish ankles!