Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fun at the Lazy L Safari

Tuesday was kind of a hard day for Stratton because he has been having really bad separation anxiety when it comes to me leaving him. He's even been freaking out when I drop him off at the baby sitters house. He used to never care when I would drop him off and now he does. It's the craziest thing. He won't even let Derek leave the house with him if I'm still there. So, I felt bad all morning Tuesday and decided to take a half day and go spend the day with my little man. I've been wanting to take him to the Lazy L Safari for a while now but it's been closed. It's still closed but I went up there to see if we could take a look around. There was a big group of people there so Stratton and I just kind of blended in with them until they left. Once they left I got to talk to one of the ladies that was working and she said the park was still closed to the public except for large groups. Oops. I wound up still paying the $5 to get in and since there was a huge group of kids there they left all their extra feed bags sitting around after they left so we didn't have to pay any money to feed the animals. SCORE! Stratton loved the goat and the deer. He talked to the deer and called all of them the mommy deer since they were bigger than the goats.  When we went inside he loved the baby camel until it started to call out for him mommy. Then it scared him. He kept saying that everything was "aww! cute!"
 This was the first thing that he thought was cute. I thought it was too and really wanted to take it home.
   These deer were so neat. They were super friendly and Stratton just loved feeding them.
  Back to the baby goat. He followed this little guy around the whole time we were there.
  Another baby goat Stratton was obsessed with.
 More feeding of the "mommy deer" as Stratton called them.
 They even had a crocodile or maybe is was an alligator. Not sure. It was kind of cute though.
 More goats inside the barn.
 Two cute camels. Look at those eye lashes!
 Here was the giraffe. He was SO much bigger than I expected. He was in the movie Evan Almighty!
There were also some alpaca inside too!
 And I'm not sure what this little guy was.
 Stratton thought the kangaroo was cute too.
 These sheep had 4 horns. It was so strange.
 The baby camel that scared the poo out of Stratton.
 The giraffe again.
 Seriously Stratton loved this little thing. It was so cute.
 Feeding the deer things again.
 Somewhere in there was 2 porcupines.
 A lemur.
 Ahh the goat baby!
 After the Lazy L Safari we went to Cooks Barbecue for sandwiches, french fries and strawberry pie!
 He is such a ham!
 Overall we had a great day getting to spend time together. At least I know I had fun. I'm glad I got to take a few hours off to hang out with my little guy.

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