Tuesday, May 24, 2011

can a sista chatch a break?

I have been so TIRED these last couple of weeks that it has been hard to find any kind of motivation to get up and do anything other than work and school. I feel like my marriage is suffering because of how tired I am all the time and I feel like I'm neglecting my motherly and wifely duties. SO, today I'm taking a half day to spend with my Little Man outside and tonight were eating with my family. My sister Casey is leaving for three weeks to go with her boyfriend (Marcus) to West Virginia to go white water rafting. FUN! I wish I could go too but...I can't. I have to work and do my school work. Tonight will be the last night we see either one of them for a while. I hope they have a good time but more importantly I hope they stay SAFE!
Anyway, I have a bunch of pictures to post! I know you all love when I post pictures and I promise I will have my Friday Confessions come Friday this week. I'm trying to get motivated so I have more energy and I'm making a pledge to get outside at least 30 min a day for the next 30 days. I hope I can keep up with it like a 30 day blog challenge. 

Enjoy the pictures!

As some of you may know....Stratton has been HORRIBLE at going to bed lately.
Case and point. I know you all are probably thinking I'm a horrible mom for just recording him and not taking care of his but this is seriously and hour after trying to put him down to bed and an hour of reading to him, rubbing his face and arms, rocking him, and saying our prayers. I had to let everyone else know what a cute little guy he is even when he's screaming.

Saturday I surprised Derek and Stratton with a trip to Jones Heritage Farms if you haven't been there I would highly recommend going for breakfast one weekend. It is amazingly beautiful out there and there is a little barn where you can see chickens, goats, ducks, and turkeys!
 Stratton was simply fascinated by chickens.
 He hates getting his pictures taken anymore.
 Look ma! A chicken! He kept telling the chickens to "Get DOWN!"
 It was pretty early for a weekend so we look...lovely.
 I love these dogs and my friend Leslie just got one so I took a picture of this little guy for her.
 Stratton just couldn't resist chasing the chickens. He kept say "get back here chicken!"
 We named him dinner.

 The loud lovely goats
 Apparently the turkey wasn't nice so we were told not to get too close to him.

 Saturday was also scheduled to be THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT! But...thankfully, it wasn't. We had an end of the world party at my sisters house and it was so nice outside we spent the afternoon outside waiting to get "raptured." Stratton enjoyed his new sun glasses and playing in the water sprinkler.
 We also made a trip to the mall where Stratton played on my phone the ENTIRE TIME!
We all look so cool in our shades!

 Sunday was another "family fun day." We took Stratton to Jackson Park to play on the slides and get some of that energy out of his system. It helps with trying to get him down for a nap or to go to bed.
 He looks like such a big kid with the sunglasses.
 He likes to play with his momma but likes when kids come around too. When a new kid would show up he would go "Hi kids!"
  Looking like a big boy again. He is such a ham!
 I fell behind when we were walking because I had to fix my shoe so they waited patiently for me to catch up. I of course took pictures.
 I love these kinds of pictures. I think they're too cute.
 Once we got home it was nap time for everyone. Including Groucho.
 I made tacos for lunch. I love them because they are so quick and easy and we never have leftovers.
Sunday afternoon Derek went to a concert up in STL with Marcus (sisters boyfriend) and didn't get home until 2 in the morning. I was in bed with Stratton when he got home and I didn't want to wake the little guy up so I slept on the couch and let all three boys take up the family bed. This is what I found in our bed Monday morning. Too cute!

Stratton is now quite the little photographer with my iPhone camera now.
 Me on the pot.
 Dirty white clothing pile.
 Dirty colors clothing pile.
 Groucho and part of colored clothing pile.
 Self portrait #1
 Self portrait #2
 More dirty clothes

 Hope you all enjoyed the pictures. SEMO bloggers meeting soon!

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Les said...

LOVED all the pictures and thanks for posting the pic of the puppy :) I like how you called him a "little guy" haha! Love ya girlie :)