Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Confessions

I confess that I've been dying for Friday to get here so I can finally post something short and sweet so you all know I haven't fallen off the side of the Earth.

I confess I have been severely slacking on my blog lately and I'm NOT ok with that. You as my readers deserve better than that.

I confess I have at least three posts halfway done but haven't had the time or energy to finish them so I'm just going to make one big post and get it out there. (there are 81 pictures and a few videos involved!)

I confess I have been obsessed with a new show on the National Geographic channel called Taboo. I love it but I wind up with my hands over my eyes for half of the show and wanting to throw up at the end of it.

I confess I've started to read trashy romance novels! *gasp*

I confess that I feel like crap because of my allergies but I'm too stubborn to take the medication to help. I hate taking meds.

I confess I have spend more time on couponing than I have my homework this week. Thus I'm behind in my homework and I have A LOT due next Monday.

I confess when I was little I used to be DEATHLY afraid of storms. I mean like hide under my bed or act sick so I could go home from school kind of scared. I had no rhyme or reason to be so scared but I just was. I could care less now. We hardly go in the basement for bad storms unless it gets really windy outside.

I confess I can't WAIT for my nephew Payne's birthday party this weekend. He is such a cutie and I love him SO much. He is the cutest one year old I know! I will have many many pictures to post I promise!

I confess I didn't get to post a Happy Birthday post for him so I'm going to make it up and make a really special post JUST for him. You'll have to wait and see to find out.

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