Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Zombie Prom 1985

Last weekend my sister convinced me to go to a 80's themed Zombie Prom. It was downtown at a place called Dock Side. I'm not going to lie...I had a blast! My sister, her boyfriend Marcus and I got ready at Casey's house and our friend Teresa came over and we did her make up there too. They had a photo booth set up so anyone who wanted to get their pictures taken could. Here's how they turned out.
My mom kept telling me I look more like an avatar than a zombie. Thanks mom. We got to dance to a bunch of great 80's music (is that really even possible? great 80's music? eh.) Our friend Nate was the emcee that night so we got to see him too. Here are a few more pictures from that night.
This is my sister getting ready for zombie prom. No lie, the texture on the right side of her face was done with elmers glue and toilet paper. It turned out AWESOME!
Gotta love the bushy bangs.
Are zombies cannibals? I mean like do zombies eat other zombies?
We look pretty sweet! My sister is the best at getting costumes for cheap. Total for both of our costumes: <$20!
This bad was really good. I'm not sure what their name is but the singer was really good and REALLY tiny. Like not a little person but just very petite. (and yes it was a guy) I wanted to put him in my pocket. 
Casey, Teresa and Marcus. Stag is so bad even Zombies drink it.
Us girl zombies looking...well...dead of course.

Nate was trying to look scared. Way to just look confused there buddy. Haha.
Marcus, Casey and I getting ready to GO HOME! It was such a good time but I was ready to go home by the end of the night. I work my zombie pumps and my feet were killing me (haha get it, zombie pumps...killing me...anyway.) I had a really great time and I'm glad I got to hang out with my sister, Marcus and Teresa. We looked AWESOME!

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