Monday, March 7, 2011

Not gonna let Monday get me down

Since it's Monday (and I hate Mondays) I'm going to do a list of what is making my day better.

1. Waking up next to my snoring husband and having him give me a smack on the leg for my good morning wake up. (it was a love tap)

2. Groucho waking me up every 15 minuets to remind me that he has no food in his dish and that he needs food RIGHT NOW.

3. Waking up Stratton this morning and getting to snuggle with him for a little bit because as soon as he woke up he said "Mommy I'm cold. Snuggle." I love it.

4. Eating one of my bagel thins this morning. They're so good! They're like thick crackers.

5. Driving to work they played one of my favorite Michael Buble songs on the radio.

6. When I got to work my heat pad was already on and warm so I didn't have to freeze until it warmed up. It's really cold in our building so I use a heating pad to warm me up.

7. I finished almost all of my homework for my art class and it isn't due until Wednesday!

8. I get to leave work and go to class for a little bit to finish my homework and I don't have to do it at home tonight.

9. I have dinner ready to go when I get home tonight. No preparing  no cooking. Just sit and eat. My favorite!
Gotta love crock pots.


Les said...

Sounds like a nice Monday so far. What's in your crock pot for dinner?

Emily said...

I made pot roast. I love pot roast. It's TOO easy not to like it haha.

Doris Pender said...

Snoring husbands is so typical. LOL. Though our dentist in Memphis kinda warned us about the seriousness of it. Hmm.. Sleep apnea might be lurking, so we're gonna do some test. Anyway, I have Michael Buble in my car. Hehe! I'm curious why cops called you. I'll be waiting for the post.