Friday, March 18, 2011

We Love Geocaching!

Yesterday was another beautiful day to go outside and do what I love! 

This is the geocoin we found here:
This geocoin is called Davina's Bones and Roses Geocoin 
It's by far the coolest geocoin I have seen!
This was the first benchmark I have ever found. It was right off of the bike trail next to Cape Bike.
 This benchmark that next to the geocache we found.
The geocache was called Neighbor to a Benchmark so it was pretty fitting.
My friend Darryl Ann and her daughter Kendall came along with us.
The wind was really bad yesterday.
 3/17/11 Neighbor to a Benchmark GC1B4CM
 It was so windy poor Stratton kept getting knocked over by the wind.
 I love Kendall's hair in this picture.
 We finally found the cache after looking for like 20 min!

3/17/11 No Turn Clyde!! GC25VF0
Darryl Ann found this one. I was looking in all the wrong places. Hah!

3/17/11 Eagle Peek GC26AJY
 Kendall holding the cache.
Stratton holding the cache.
It was such a great day to get out and go geocaching with good friends!
I can't wait to get off work and go today with Steph and Stratton.

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