Friday, February 4, 2011

Adventures of Groucho the Naked Cat

As some of you might know, Groucho (our sphynx cat) has caught a cold. The poor little guy has been sneezing so much that his nose is starting to bleed. Anyway, I've been so concerned (because he's naked and it's cold) about him getting sick that I went to Wal-Mart the other day and got the little guy a sweater. (don't judge) My mom went by the vet yesterday and got him some antibiotics too. Turns out he doesn't mind wearing the sweater as much as I thought he would. Stratton and I are going to go back to Wal Mart to get a few more sweaters for him so we can rotate them. I think Stratton would like to pick something out for his kitty as much as he loves him.  Here is the cute little sweater we got for him.

 Here is the sick kitty in his new Argyle sweater. 
If you can't tell from his sick eyes he isn't feeling good.
 Here is Stratton loving on his Groucho kitty.
I couldn't find Groucho this morning so I looked in all the typical places. 
I noticed Derek had left the heater and the light on the in the bathroom 
so I opened the door and this is what I found.
 Groucho was camped out on top of the toilet right where the heater pointed.
 Thirty minuets later and he still was in front of the heater. 
Eyes closed and laying down now.
Starting to think this was a really great decision to get Groucho. 
He's been a real joy and Stratton absolutely adores him.
Just hope the little guy starts to feel better soon.

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