Monday, January 31, 2011

Welcome To The Family

This weekend we welcomed a new member to the Williams Household. 
We got a Sphynx Cat from the Granite City APA. 
He has been quite the cat so far. No messes (knock on wood) and he's really great to snuggle with.
His name was Yodie but we changed it to Groucho.
He was being fostered by the director of the Granite City APA and came from a rough background.
He has a few scratches on his side and a couple cigarette burn scars on his belly.
He has been really quite up until this morning. He even slept in the crook of my legs last night.
(hoping that won't become a habit)
Stratton adores him and Derek does too. (he's already claimed that it's HIS cat)
We know he's ugly but we love him just the same. He's really been good for Stratton.
Stratton is so great with him. He loves on him so gently and likes to play with him.
I'm happy to have adopted our Sphynx. I hope he enjoys our house and our company. 

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