Monday, December 13, 2010

Year one of Family Tradition Ornament...NOT as smooth as predicted

Saturday after the Jingle Bell Walk/Run I decided that we were going to start our new family tradition. Picking out Hallmark Ornaments. I want Stratton to have something for when he starts a family of his own. I know when my mom gave me all my childhood ornaments it was really special to me. We went to the Hallmark Store (my mom joined in on the fun) and picked out the perfect ornaments. Stratton had a few he really like but the one in the picture was the one he REALLY wanted. Of course it was one of the most expensive ones there was. But, anything for my little guy. Plus it's only once a year and I can handle that.
 Stratton really liked all the plus figures that moved and sang too. He kept pushing ALL of the buttons right after the next. All of them were going all at once. It must run in the family because my dad and I used to do that when I was little too.  
 Of course we had to open it as soon as we got in the car so he could play with it.
  And then my mom let him eat the cookie he won for the Tot Trot.
 Here are the three we picked. Mine on the left, Stratton's in the middle and Derek's on the right.
 Here is Derek's Dwight bobble head ornament. It talks and says a few different things. Pretty hilarious.
 Here is Stratton's ornament. It says a line for the Night Before Christmas. It also lights up, the blue wheel spins, and the little kids heads move back and forth. Stratton likes to pet the little dog on there and whisper that "shhh he's sleepin'."
 Here is the best part of all. I of course open mine last and this is what I find. I was crushed not as bad as my ornament though and immediately took it down to Derek with tears in my eyes to show him. He laughed at me. I called the store as quick as I could find the number and told them what had happened. They only had ONE left so I told them to put it on hold while I came BACK to Cape and exchanged it.
I got dressed again, packed the broken ornament back in the box, and trekked my way back to Cape. Mind you we live on the West side of Jackson where as Cape is East of us. It's a good 20 min drive. Lovely. I got to the store filled out all the paper work, put the ornament back in my purse, got in my car, and drove to my parents house to pick up Stratton so we can go home and put our ornaments on the tree. So far so good right? Wrong. I get there and notice I have a missed call on my phone. I listen to the message and it's Hallmark calling to tell me that they accidentally gave me the wrong ornament back and that they still have the good one there at the store. Ugh. Just my luck!!!  I asked my mom if she could run by there for me again and she said she could. Thank God! They felt so bad that they gave me a complementary gift bag. SCORE! I got a new coffee mug, a set of cookie cutters, a cookie sheet ornament, and a journal. I wasn't that upset but it was nice to get something for all the running back and forth to Cape. All three are now hanging from our tree beautifully.

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