Monday, December 13, 2010

Jingle Bell Run 2010

Saturday was our 2nd Jingle Bell Run/Walk for Arthritis! This year we got to have a 4 generation group of walkers. US! It was Stratton, Me, My Mom (Grandma Kathie) and my mom's Mom (Great Grandma Marge). My sister also came out this year again as well as my Step Grandpa John.Derek even came out for moral support. It was rainy and nasty outside so we wound up walking inside on the indoor track that Fitness Plus has on their second floor. Stratton had such a great time going around the track and tackling me, my mom, and Casey. He ran the ENTIRE mile! He stopped every time we went by the indoor pool as well as the gymnasium though so he could wave at the old lady's doing aqua aerobics. Here are some pictures from the day's events.

Grandma Marge and Casey getting the jingle bells put on their shoes.
Stratton and Grandma Kathie playing (Stratton throwing a fit and my mom blowing in his mouth to piss him off and forget what he's so mad about)
 4 generations of walkers!
 My grandma and step-grandpa John
 Walking around the track and my mom chasing after Stratton
 Trying to walk and take a picture at the same time. Not such a good idea.
 Casey was running around with Stratton and making him laugh SO hard. He was having a blast with everyone.
 This was after the tot trot! Stratton got a metal AND a cookie!
Right after we took his shirt off he started to make muscles at the old women in the pool and for the old guys in the gym that were lifting weights too. Super cute.
  This was another little girl that was walking that day. She was almost two and half Stratton's size. Her name was Lanie. She was SO adorable. Super tiny.

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