Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Starting a New Tradition

I want to start a new family tradition this year. I want all three of us (me, Derek & Stratton) to go to Hallmark and pick out our own ornaments for Christmas.I know when I moved out of my parents house it was really nice to not have to but a boat load of Christmas ornaments when it came time to put up our tree. My mom has saved ornaments (not just Hallmark ornaments) over the years and let me pick out a small box to start off our collection of family ornaments. (The sad part is that we are going to have to get a bigger tree because of all the ornaments we have now) Here is the ornament that my sister got for Stratton last year. I just love it.
It's the start of our Hallmark collection. I can't wait to go this weekend and pick a few more out for the entire family. Next year we might just have to invest in a new tree too.

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Mallory said...

Buy a tree after Christmas, they are SO cheap!!!