Sunday, November 21, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Ya'll

Where will you be eating this Thanksgiving?
We have a couple different places to go this year. We will be going to Derek's Dad's house along with going to my Grandma Marge's house. It's going to be a long day but I can't wait for all the AWESOME food.

Will you be watching a game this Thanksgiving?
I won't be but I'm sure Derek and his side of the family will be.

How long will you spend eating your thanksgiving meal?
I plan on grazing all day long. If I eat all at once I'm pretty sure I'm going to puke.

Are you worried about putting on weight this Thanksgiving?
HAHAHA! That's a good one. I could care less. 

What do you normally eat at Thanksgiving?
I could seriously eat candied yams ALL DAY LONG!

What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?
Candied yams. Candied yams. Annnnd more candied yams.
With lots of marshmallows.

What will you be thankful for this Thanksgiving?
I don't think you should take just one day to be thankful for something. I'm thankful for everything I have everyday. My family, job, health, home, husband, and son. I'm so thankful. 

What is your best Thanksgiving memory?
 I've had a bunch of really great Thanksgivings. I will always remember having to sit at the kids table when I was younger and really wanting to sit with the adults. Now that I'm older and have a kiddo of my own. All I really want to do is sit back at the kids table.

Are you planning on going shopping the day after Thanksgiving?

Will you be waking up early to hit the sales?
again...NO WAY!

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