Saturday, November 20, 2010

Geocaching With Grandma Kathie!

Today my mom came with Stratton and I to go geocaching. It was really cold but we found three in just a few hours. Huge success! I'm so glad she came with us. Sage even came with us and got to run around. 

11/20/10 Symbol of Remembrance GC1EGXB
 Cheesin' for Grandma Kathie.
 We found it!
 I'm not really sure what he was saying but these pictures are kind of cute.
11/20/10 Boardwalk GC2D0FY
 This one took FOREVER to find. It was cold and windy and it took forever.
But it was worth it.
 11/20/10 Church on the Hill GC1K1BQ
 This was the last one of the day. It was STILL really cold so I let Stratton stay in the car where it was warm. After we found this one we got lunch at Panera. Then it was back to the house for a loooong (3 1/2 hours) nap for me, Grandma Kathie and Stratton. We had SO much fun today. I'm really glad my mom came with us.

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