Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Day 28 of 30 Day Blog

Something That Stresses Me Out

I stress about a lot of different things, but I'm trying to become more productive and look at my stress as a help not a hinder. 

I stress about money.
But, I always tithe when we go to church even if we don't necessarily have the money to give. 
God will provide when we need him the most.  

I stress about school.
But, I know I'm halfway there and it will just take more time and hard work to get though it. 

 I stress about Stratton's well being.
But, I know God watches over him every day. I just have to trust that God will give Derek and I the right tools to teach him right from wrongs. And pray that he knows how to behave when he gets older.

I stress about wanting another child but not being able to afford another.
But, I know if it's God will for us to have another one...we will have another one.
God will provide when we need him the most.

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