Friday, August 15, 2014

First Day of School!

It's been a really long time since I've sat down and blogged about life. To say I have been busy would be a understatement. 

Lots has changed in the last 6 months, some changes good- some changes bad. On the positive side, Stratton started Kindergarten yesterday! 

The first of many back to school pictures! *tear* 

 I woke up early and packed his lunch. It felt so weird packing a lunch for him. I've never packed a lunch in my life haha. I made sure everything was semi-healthy. I threw a few gummy snacks in there for fun.

 He had to say bye to Groucho of course. He loves squishing all the wrinkles on his head together and giving him a huge kiss. Haha. 

 Strat and Derek walked up to school hand in hand and Stratton was so bouncy and wiggly with excitement. 

 Of course I got the "mom hurry up!" look from him for staying behind a little and taking pictures. 

 We got there early enough that we could snap a quick picture in front of the building while nobody was around. 

He is such a cheese ball. He even knew a few little boys in his class! This is our friend's nephew Drew. 

I can't even start to believe that I have a kid in Kindergarten. It's so weird to me. He is loving school. He told us all about how he learned about recess haha and how he got to borrow a book from the school library. His cousin Kayden is at the same school and his best friend Keegan is there too. We could not be more happy about how easy this transition has been for us. (Well two days in at least)

I'm starting my final semester of college this month on the 25th and have a fairly easy schedule. I'll be having my BFA show this winter and then walking across that stage to get my diploma on December 20th! What an awesome Christmas present! 

I'm going to try hard to keep everyone up to date on here. Like I said I'll try! 

Wish us luck because the next 4 months are going to be CRAZY! 

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