Monday, July 15, 2013

Made Up Monday

Yesterday I went to Sephora (surprised?) and got a makeup bag that I had been eying for the last month. It's not the actual bag that drew me to it but what was inside the bag that I was wanting. I wear A LOT of browns and golds when it comes to my makeup. I have this weird blue/gray colored eyes and they don't really pop with any other colors. Most of the time people think my eyes are brown because they're so dark. But, alas, they are blue/gray. Anywho, back to the bag.

The collection is called "Dare to Wear Gold" and includes a 5-piece kit from bareMinerals. I'm always looking for makeup bags that are small enough for my to lug around but big enough that I can throw some brushes in it without messing up the bristles. This little bag is the perfect size. It's just long enough for me to put my bushes in and they don't get smashed up on the sides. Not to mention I can throw A LOT of makeup in it without it weighing me down too much. I love the gold and snake patten on it too. 

The compact that is included in it contains a blush and luminizer in the shades "The Natural High" (blush) and "The Shining Moment" (luminizer). I tend not to use really pink colored blushes but I'm always willing to try something new. I really like the color of the luminizer. It's light and works great for highlighting your cheek bones, nose and under your eyes.

 The main reason why I fell in love with this little bundle was because of the eyeshadow. The colors are "Double Dare" which is a super pretty light gold. This color is perfect to use in the corner of your eye closest to your nose. I also use it right below my eyebrows as a highlighter. The other color is "Wild Thing" which is a gold-flecked bronze color. I would use the "Wild Thing" color to go in the middle of my eye between the "Double Dare"  and a darker brown or black on the outer corner of my eye.

I am a HUGE fan of Moxie lip gloss. They discontinued a lot of the Buxom lip gloss and started to phase in these Moxie glosses. "Rockstar" is the color they included in this collection. It's very nude and really only has a bit of gold/pink to highlight your lips. Super pretty and just enough color to give your lips some highlighting.

It also has that oh so wonderful tingle that Buxom included to make your lips plump. If you're like my sister and don't like that stingy/tingly feeling from the lip plumper I wouldn't recommend the Buxom or Moxie lip glosses. 

The collection also included a "Round the Clock" waterproof eyeliner which I of course forgot at home. But, I'm not much on pencil eyeliners so I probably won't wind up using it very often.

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