Friday, July 19, 2013

I Put my Gi Pants Back On

Last night I finally went back to jiu jitsu. It has been almost two months since I put my gi on; and let me tell you if felt amazing to get back in there. I needed to get in the gym and focus on something other than work or whatever else has been going on this week. It's been so long since I had been in the gym that I didn't stay to roll with anyone. I still remember a lot but I just didn't feel comfortable rolling last night. It felt good to be physical and work with one of the new girls named Bobbi Jo and a guy that has been there for a while named Justin. Justin is great. He's about as tall as I am and he's really good about not being too rough when we practice different moves. We worked on getting out of butterfly guard last night. It seemed ridiculously easy when we were practicing but I'm sure that actually trying to use it during a match will prove to be a bit more difficult.

After this hellacious week I needed some me time at the gym. The thing I love most about going to jiu jitsu is that once you walk in the door you're greeted by the nicest people around. They all greet you with a smile or a hug and they really do care so much about you. Even the new people are so eager to ask how you've been and always willing to talk to you about pretty much anything. I go in there and everything that I was stressed out about or sad about or angry about just gets left at the door.

I'm really starting to get out of shape from not going to the gym religiously like I used to. My face after practice pretty much summed up how I felt after I got done with practice.

Tonight I plan on going to the gym and doing my triathlon workout. Three miles on the treadmill, 10k on the bike and swim for 30 min. It sucks but I feel so much better after I get done doing it. Sunday will be filled with Tabata workouts and more running. YAY!

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