Sunday, July 1, 2012

Picture Dump

Last Monday Derek and I took the day off work. We woke up, got dressed for work, got Stratton ready to go to Mrs. Lisa's house and then packed in the jeep. Once we got in the jeep Derek and I looked at each other and just knew neither one of us really wanted to go to work. So, we both caleed in and took the day to spend it with Stratton.

We headed for Jackson park first to walk around the lake a few times and play on the playground. When we got there we were greeted by some protective momma geese. They chased Stratton but he laughed the whole time.
 Aren't they the cutest?
 You gotta love the delinquents of Jackson, Mo. Haha. 
 The geese followed us around the trail while we were walking. I think they were hungry.
 Stratton and I played a game while waling on the trail. It was called don't step on the goose poop.
 Stratton and Derek are so photogenic.
 I love when my boys rough house together.
Walking on the trail is such a great way to wear Stratton out. If only it wasn't so hot lately.
 Derek was showing Stratton how to do the "my tummy is fully" walk.
 Of course Stratton wanted some leaves once he saw Derek pull some off of the tree.
 It wasn't good enough for Derek to just hand Stratton some, Stratton had to get his own off of the tree.
 The playground is definitely Stratton's favorite part of the walk.
I don't know what it is but I remember as a kid putting rocks on the slide and sliding through them. Now Stratton does it and it still enjoys as much as I did. 
 Derek had to be the rock supplier. Stratton made him sit at the bottom of the slide and refill the rocks once he went through them.
 This little guy was munching on a june bug. Derek was happy to see this since he sits on the back porch with his fathers day present (a battery operated bug zapper tennis racquet) and kills them at night.
After the park we went to Burger King for breakfast and then headed downtown for the Discovery Playhouse.

Stratton loved the fire truck. Derek and Stratton sat up there for a while just pretending to drive around and put out fires. 
 Stratton made Derek drive for the most part.
 They had this awesome garden that you could pick vegetables from the "soil" and pick fruit from the "trees."
 Derek was in love with the grocery store. He was the cashier and wore the apron so Stratton could get checked out.
 Stratton wanted mostly produce. He's definitely like his momma.
 Stratton could even milk the cow.
 Montgomery Bank had a bank set up so Stratton was pretending to be like Grandma Brenda and be the boss.
 He liked answering the phones too.
 This thing was my favorite, it was an actual air tube thingy that they have at the bank.
 He though the mirrors were hilarious. He thought they were so funny looking.
 He's growing up SO much. Even though he's in the 25% for height.
 They had an awesome water table there too. I think Derek and I had more fun playing with the water table than Stratton did.
 Two thumbs up.
After going to the Discovery Playhouse we went to the water park for two hours and then headed home for a long nap. It was such a great day off with Stratton and Derek. It was well worth it. We enjoyed it so much. It was fun getting to spend some one on one time with Stratton.

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