Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Does it Work Wednesday

Yes, I realize that the local news station has a does it work Wednesday but gosh darn it has a ring to it.
Today I'm going to tell you all about BareMinerals Blemish Therapy. I have been using it for a little over month now and I'm seriously LOVING it.
BareMinerals Blemish Therapy retails for $18. I bought mine at Concepts in Cape.
BareMinerals website says "Conceal and prevent future breakouts with this targeted remedy and brush. The exfoliating properties of our 100% pure ActiveSoil Complex along with the blemish fighting benefits of natural sulfur effectively address blemishes while helping to prevent future breakouts from forming. This non-irritating formula also helps to minimize the appearance of pores, neutralize redness and diffuse imperfections."

So, first thought when I got this was "wow this smells horrible!" It's made with natural sulfur so it sulfur. Don't let that detract from this though. I started using mine the week before "Aunt Flow" was supposed to come visit. This is when I get my breakouts the worst. I get those really deep zits that don't easily pop. They hurt and are really sore too. As soon as I felt or saw where an ugly zit was going to rear it's head I put some of the Blemish Therapy on it. The next day I could tell a huge difference. It wasn't as big or red after a day of having the therapy on. I did this over the next couple weeks and surprisingly I didn't get a really bad sit this entire month! This for me is a win in my book. I always feel like I have a scab or a red spot from hormonal zits every month on my chin. Of course they take forever to heal so by the time one is gone another one rears it's ugly head. Blemish Therapy has really helped with making my chin look a whole heck of a lot better along with the creases around my nose and also the area between my eyebrows.

I love this product and HIGHLY recommend it if you are having issues with zits. This product is a face saver!  

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